Becoming parents – 5 natural tips for getting pregnant

Becoming parents – 5 natural tips for getting pregnant
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You want to optimize the physical and mental health of your couple in order to convey the best to your future cabbage? Discover through this article tips in life hygiene, attitudes to adopt before conception to live a pregnancy in peace and so that your baby can develop in the best possible conditions.

Boosting fertility: an approach that concerns mom and dad

To make a child is to commit to life: it is not a decision that must be taken lightly, it must be prepared on all plans and before getting pregnant.

A pregnancy lasts 9 months, 9 months during which the woman will experience significant hormonal changes that will affect her mood in everyday life. She is going to see her body transform, both physically and physiologically, her changing tastes etc.

The first thing to always keep in mind is that the mother transmits a lot of things to her child when she is pregnant: it is through her blood that the baby is fed through the umbilical cord. This means that all that is ingested by the mother (food, alcohol, cigarettes) will be passed directly to the baby, each cosmetic that you choose to put on your skin will pass into your blood and it will also be transmitted. You will also transmit your immune system, your bacterial flora … which therefore have every interest in being in good condition. He will be able to feel every thought, feeling generated during these 9 months (joy, fear, sadness, hate …). And daddy in all this? A child, this is done to two! So gentlemen you are not spared either! Your sperm must imperatively be good qualities because all your genes are enclosed. An unhealthy lifestyle brings genetic modifications that will be transmitted later to your descendants: it is epigenetics. To learn more about this topic click here: Https:// It is therefore essential that the father and the mother be in good health before putting a child on the road, they must be balanced both On the physical and psychological level! To illustrate what I say, take the example of plants: for a seed to grow properly, it needs a ground favorable to its good development, a soil rich in minerals to meet all its needs. For us, it is the same thing, before thinking about conceiving a child, it is essential to prepare the ground of both parents in order to pass on the best to the future baby. For this reason, the first thing to do for both parents is a detoxification cure. Caution: The detoxification treatment must be performed before pregnancy and never during!

Why take a detoxification treatment before getting pregnant?

This process will help you to eliminate the toxins accumulated in your body over time. Where do these toxins come from?

  • They are generated by our body itself during digestion (uric acid, urea, fermentation …)
  • Of our excess food: fatty food, industrial, too sweet,
  • Ingestion of additives, dyes, drugs, atmospheric pollution, cosmetics (aluminum, silicone, paraben …), smoking

These toxins accumulate more or less according to each individual, it depends on what we eat, our eliminations, our fatigue, our breathing, our external environment … Faced with this clogging the body must eliminate a maximum of waste. When we are sick: colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, flu, allergies, etc. It’s your body trying to send you a message, it sounds the alarm! Through these physical manifestations (runny nose, sputum, eczema, vomiting, perspiration, diarrhea, acne, mycosis …) your body tries to eliminate its toxins through its organs of elimination: the liver, the kidneys , the skin, the intestines, called in naturopathy the emunctories. Sometimes our body can no longer properly perform its role of elimination because it is too busy and lacks energy … The idea of ​​taking a detox course is to give your body a boost so that it can regain its balance!

Here are the steps to follow for your detox cure:

TIP # 1: Rebalance your diet

The goal is to focus on the quality of your food to the quantity! Be aware that being overweight during pregnancy increases the risk of having high blood pressure or diabetes. It is therefore best to change your eating habits before becoming pregnant to reduce the risks.

  • Prohibit any industrial diet that usually has a much higher glycemic index.

Foods with high glycemic index to limit: Derivatives of refined white flour (baguette, sandwich bread, waffle …), industrial cakes, refined cereals (white rice, white pasta); sweets, confectionery, white sugar, chocolate bars, milk chocolate, commercial honey, jam, maple syrup, fruits in syrup, industrial juices, alcohol, sodas.

  • Remove cow’s milk products, prefer yogurts and ewe or goat’s milk cheese
  • Eat a raw food with each meal (crudités, sprouts, carpaccio, seafood, tartares, smoothies, juices …).
  • Eat as much organic fruits and vegetables as possible (If you can not eat organic wash and peel them)
  • Please have a suitable breakfast, the least sweet possible. Trying to remove sugar from your tea or coffee is a good start.

→ Examples of breakfast: Eat organic bread sandwiches with a thin layer of butter, honey, or almond puree, for example.Consume a natural yoghurt goat or sheep and add some flakes oats, nuts or crushed almonds. Between 10h and 11h: the ideal time to consume fruit, just before the lunch it will help stimulate your digestion.

  • Remember to vary your consumption of starchy foods, including cereals + legumes.

→ Consume complete or ½ complete cereals and preferably gluten-free (quinoa, buckwheat, millet, amaranth …) and legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas, dried beans …) all rich in vegetable proteins. The ideal proportion: 1/3 of starchy foods for 2/3 of vegetables.

  • Do not forget to bring essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) to your diet by varying the consumption of your vegetable oils or by consuming oily fish.

→ Food sources of good lipids: Omega 6: sunflower oil, grape seed oil, soybean oil, safflower oil Omega 3: rapeseed oil, walnut oil, wheat germ oil (rich in vitamin E), linseed oil, camelina oil, hemp oil 3 tablespoons of rapeseed oil or olive oil per day EPA, DHA: small fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, anchovies), salmon, sea trout, cod liver. In addition to your diet, you can also supplement Omega 3 by taking PILEJE OMEGABIANE cod Liver 80 Capsules Marine

  • You can do a single-dime apple once a week. It consists of eating apple in all its forms (fruit, compote, juice) during a day without forgetting to drink water.
  • For the bravest, you can perform a water fast once a week. This consists of drinking only water for a whole day.

Nb: Fasting and mono-diet are techniques used in naturopathy that allow the digestive system to rest so that the body can mobilize more energy drainage and elimination of toxins.                                                                                        Be careful not to do anything, mono-diet and fasting are techniques that depend on the general energy of each and must be recorded as part of a naturopathic treatment followed.

  • Say goodbye to cigarettes or other drugs. Tobacco use is responsible for miscarriage, bleeding, premature birth and low birth weight babies.

TIP # 2: Free yourself from stress, negative thoughts, energy blockages:

Waste disposal requires the energy of the whole body. For this reason, it is important to de-stress your mind from unnecessary or stressful thoughts that consume a lot of energy to your body. For that it is necessary :

  • Relaxing in order to “short-circuit” the brain nervous system and de-worming are minds fixed ideas, anxieties, anxieties … → conscious breathing, sophrology, meditation, guided relaxation

Essential oils are very effective to promote relaxation of body and mind. You can breathe them using an electric diffuser of essential oils by making your own blends of relaxing oils or using a relaxing complex.

  • Reconnect with nature by getting enough oxygen and getting as much oxygen as possible.
  • Walking at least ½ h per day: choose stairs to the elevator, bike to car …
  • Stimulate and readjust the energies circulating in our body → massage, manipulations, reflexology
  • positiver

Discover all our tips on stress management through this article: How to manage your stress?

TIP # 3: Mobilize toxins and open emunctories

In naturopathy, there are two types of waste: colloidal and crystalloid waste.

  • Colloidal overloads come from overconsumption of carbohydrates (starches and sugars) and lipids (fats). These are mucus, mucus, fatty discharge, phlegm, sputum, cysts, which are called “glues”. They are eliminated by stool, bile, sebum.
  • Crystalloidal overloads are acid waste circulating in the humoral environment, which must be rapidly removed or neutralized in the form of salts, forming crystalloid deposits which are called “crystals”. Their source comes from the digestion and overconsumption of protein-rich foods (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, refined sugar). Crystal diseases are characterized by tendinitis, rheumatism, sciatica, stones, neuritis, eczema, inflammations …

The practical interest of this naturopathic design glues / crystals is in the choice of methods of drainage and detoxification to be used, they will be different according to the physical manifestations of each one. Physical exercise remains the first and best solution to stimulate all emunctories. However, other techniques can be used:

What disposal techniques are available to you?

The golden rule in Naturopathy: one must always drift to the strongest emunctory to save the tired emunctory.

The skin :

The skin constitutes a double elimination door because it rejects the crystalloid waste through sweat, thanks to the sweat glands, and rejects the colloidal waste through the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands. To solicit the cutaneous emunctory, it is necessary to sweat! How to stimulate perspiration?

  • Through physical exercise
  • Hot baths
  • Sauna / Steam
  • Sunshine

The intestine and the liver:

The liver is a very important organ whose role is, among other things, to filter the blood, neutralize the toxins that the blood continuously brings to it and eliminate them. A diet too rich, regular consumption of alcohol and cigarette slows down its activity. When the intestine does not work well, the intestinal flora becomes unbalanced, and it becomes a real place of storage of toxins. They cross the intestinal barrier and will overload the body and foul the ground. How to stimulate the action of his liver and intestine? In order to decongest your liver, you can apply a hot water bottle locally. Among the main plants that have hepatobiliary action (liver and gallbladder) are: black radish, milk thistle, rosemary, artichoke, boldo, wild chicory, fumitory, dandelion. You can also consume them as EPS by making your own custom blend by clicking below: EPS PHYTOPREVENT personalized EPS mix for the intestines, a food reform is obligatory!  Some plants can promote its activity: Mauve, marshmallow, rosemary, thyme, sage, anise, fennel, cumin, rhubarb, buckthorn, prune, senna, pale pink, cascara, flax seeds, psyllium… You can also perform intestinal enemas.

Kidneys :

How to stimulate kidney activity? The kidneys remove crystaloid waste through the urine. The crystals come from an excess of nitrogen products, but also because of stress, overwork, negative thinking The best solution is to drink plenty of water, 1.5 liters at the very least. Many diuretic and depurative plants are effective in depurating the kidneys. They can be administered in infusion, decoction, essential oil extracted from fresh or dried plant etc …:

  • Bearberry: astringent and antiseptic action
  • Cherry Tail
  • Birch
  • Queen of the near
  • Horsetail, which increases the volume of urine
  • Integrate in your diet nettle, sorrel, watercress, fennel

The gemmotherapy can help you to stimulate your renal function, I propose GEMMO DIURETIC Bio AQUAGEMM Heather Juniper Birch Blueberry It is also possible to massage the reflex zone of the urinary system in the center of the arch that will stimulate its Activity

Tip # 4: Supplementing

Once your detox cure is done it is important for each parent to supplement themselves with food supplements:

For you madam:

  • It is advisable to take probiotics a few months before conception: Probiotics are useful microorganisms that colonize intestinal and vaginal flora. Their presence helps strengthen your body’s natural defenses by helping it to fight the proliferation of harmful micro-organisms. Your intestines must be healthy because they are the gateway for foods that will feed the baby with nutrients in his body. Invero.De life moreover, during childbirth, the baby’s intestines sound barren. In the next few hours, your gut will be colonized by thousands of bacteria in your own intestinal flora, provided your little one is born vaginally. That’s why it’s important that you have a healthy intestinal flora. and balanced!

Nb: For children born by cesarean, it will be advisable to do a probiotic cure after delivery if you breastfeed, otherwise to administer in the bottle. I recommend PILEJE LACTIBIANE REFERENCE 10 Capsules

  • It is also important to supplement you with folic acid or vitamin B9, in order to avoid any malformations of the baby (hare’s beak) .This supplementation plays a key role in the first quarter of pregnancy, on the development of the neural tube of the future baby. It is the neural tube that will form his spine, his skull and his brain.

→ Foods rich in folic acid: cereal products, green vegetables (spinach, broccoli), meat (liver) and legumes (lentils and dried beans). Even though folic acid is found in these foods, it is rare that you can get the recommended daily intake from your diet alone. You must take about 0.4 mg of folic acid a day, usually as a multivitamin.

For you sir:

  • To improve your fertility by increasing the concentration and mobility of your sperm you can complement Zinc in addition to Vitamin B6, cofactor that promotes the absorption of Zinc.The temperature favorable for the proper development of sperm is 32C °. Avoid wearing tight clothing because it increases the body temperature of your testicles.

→ Foods rich in zinc: oysters, mussels, poultry (turkey), scallops, wheat germ, veal liver and mutton, whole grains, soya, walnuts, hazelnuts, squash seeds, spinach, parsley, green leaves crucifers, fish, egg yolks. You can take be-life biolife Zn b6 Zinc Vitamin B6 60 Capsules

Tip # 5: Reconcile with your sleep

  • Respect your biological rhythms: The ideal would be to sleep at least 7 hours per night.
  • Keep in mind that the most restful hours of sleep are those before 00h.
  • Do not ignore the signs of drowsiness at night (yawning, heavy eyelids, deconcentration …) because if you miss the beginning of your sleep cycle, the next will be 90 minutes after
  • The sleeping room must be a room reserved exclusively for this purpose. Forget TV, game console, computer and phone … Your room must be ventilated every day to renew the air and must not be heated (between 17 and 20 ° C)
  • Wake up with the light: Instead of being brutally alarmed every morning by a classic alarm clock, choose a dawn and dusk simulator that mimics the sun and start the day naturally.

Note: This article is advice that should be adapted according to the general health and feeling of each. 

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