Detox the natural spring, how to do?

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The detox, is a diminutive of detoxification. Doing a detox cure means first of all, helping to cleanse our organism of the toxins it contains. It helps the body to regain its strength and its balance but not that! By eliminating the accumulated toxins the organism makes new skin, it feels better, lighter as well in our body as in our head.

Is the detox made for everyone?

Well, no! Doing a detox cure requires a good basic vitality. Our organism has so-called “emunctories” organs, that is to say that these organs have the role of eliminating waste and this throughout the day not only during a detox. The main emunctories of our Organization are:

  • Liver: Is the most important émonctoire of the organism because the most sought. In fact, it receives, in order to filter them, all the products of digestion, through the blood. It also receives ROT products loaded with toxic ammoniaquées substances. It is also at the level of the liver that all the undesirable chemicals are found: pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, antioxidants, stabilisers, medicines…
  • Intestines: They receive a large amount of food. Liquids, organic secretions. This is a major burden of toxic substances. However, the mass of these toxic substances that can stagnate in the intestine may putrefy or ferment. Stagnation at the intestinal level is a great source of self-intoxication.
  • Kidneys: It is through them that all acids and crystals pass through. These acids and crystals are dangerous for our organism, so we need to eliminate them quickly. Their function is to filter and evacuate the waste circulating in our blood (the kidneys filter 120 ml of blood per minute) and make it one of the main emunctories of our organism
  • Lungs: This way the more volatile acids are evacuated. The lungs are filters that can “clog” quickly in the event of insufficient physical activity.
  • Skin: It eliminates a large mass of toxic substances including perspiration. A dull, greyish complexion, an atopic skin, prone to imperfections, is often a sign of too much toxins in the body and a slow-running liver.

To detoxify its organism it is important that the emunctories are able to eliminate the waste, if there is an imbalance there is no point in stimulating the elimination which could create too much overload. To make a detox it is necessary: to be healthy, to suffer no serious deficiency in vitamins or other minerals and not to have a serious illness (chronic digestive disorder, cancer, diabetes…).

When is the best time to make a detox?

The seasons are very important in the decision to make a detoxification cure, the body has a lot of change to manage between the seasons. The cold of winter or the heat of summer, all our metabolism has to adapt so there are certain periods that are more conducive than others, to embark on this process. The change of season is therefore the best time to perform a detox cure to prepare our organism for the change of temperature and the change of rhythm.

What Cure detox do in the spring?

The beautiful days come, they all want to feel light, to alleviate the allergic symptoms and why not to eliminate a few kilos and an excess of water taken during the winter. So we will turn to a draining action, diuretic and we will come to clean the liver that between the Christmas celebrations, the Epiphany, the Candlemas, the Raclettes… is in dire need! A reminder of the close relationship between liver and allergy: when it is overworked and congested, it follows a series of health problems, the allergies of which are part of the problem. Because mucous membranes are congested, they cannot perform their work properly and fight irritant agents. A rehab is a good way to start treating the problem. It will allow the body to be able to fight allergies we have selected for you 3 food supplements to help you in your detox cure:

  • Birch SAP: Is a spring cure of choice for those who wish to eliminate the toxins accumulated during the winter. Thanks to its draining and diuretic properties, it promotes the elimination of organic wastes such as uric acid, which, in too much blood, generates cholesterol and high blood pressure. Its purifying benefits are also known to improve skin problems (acne, eczema) often related to toxin-saturated kidneys. Birch SAP has also proven its benefits to soothe urinary disorders and rheumatism. Thanks to its draining virtues, it stimulates the functioning of the so-called “emunctories” organs
  • Ergydraine: is a natural plant-based complex (queen of the Near, artichoke, blackcurrant, sapwood of lime Tree) that will act on all emunctories by stimulating waste disposal. It’s an excellent starter for a diet. Its composition rich in trace elements helps to avoid the deficiencies that a hypo-caloric diet can generate, moreover, it limits the cravings that may be felt during a diet.
  • Oléocaps 8: These are small capsules that contain a rigorously selected essential oil complex. Next to large digestive standards (peppermint, rosemary), the essential oils of lovage and celery come to be grafted. Less well known, they contain a very special category of molecules, the ‘ phthalides ‘. The latter have a triple interest in our emunctories: they purify, stimulate and protect them (such as attacks from free radicals). Used in the form of seasonal cures or more punctually, the OLÉOCAPS 8 really help our body to purify itself, in a 100% natural way.

Tips to achieve a good cure detox:

To achieve a good optimal detox cure There are some basic rules to respect:

  • We eat: fruits, vegetables, organic full grains. Small fish (mackerel type, sardine), white meat…
  • We do not eat: dishes in sauce, deli meats, industrial dishes, sweets…
  • We drink: low mineralized water, fruit juices or fresh vegetables..
  • We do not drink: alcohol, sodas, industrial fruit juices…
  • We do exercise: no need to run a marathon, a simple sports walk allows to renew your cells and aerate your mind!

Sources: My belly Bible, Danièle festy, Dr. Pierre Nys.

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