Organic diet-How to slim down according to your Age

Organic diet-How to slim down according to your Age
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The means to lose weight are indeed not the same as you are aged 20 or 50 years: the motivations are different and the body changes and evolves… As well as eating habits to know if you are overweight or obese, you need to know your BMI (= Body mass index). To calculate it, we will need a Tanita balance, which determines the exact BMI and the body fat. Or, it can be calculated roughly even: example: A person who measures 1.65 m and weighs 72 kg has a BMI of 26.5 kg M-² (72/1.65 * 1.65). So this person is overweight. BMI = mass/size ² What is your BMI?

Bmi< 18.5></ 18.5>Under Weight: skinny
BMI between 18.5 and 25Ideal weight: normal
BMI between 25 and 30Overweight
BMI > 30Obese

To be able to lose weight, you have to understand the origin and thus remove bad habits.  Depending on our age, the reasons will be different as well as the means to lose weight. Each period of life poses different problems, here are our tips for you to take care of yourself regardless of your age. 0 – 20 years special minus 20 years. If you are a teenager and you are overweight, start by looking at the size and weight curves contained in your health book. Compare your size and weight to those of the curves proposed for your age. The vision you have of yourself may be distorted by the great changes in the creation of your adult body. It is normal to gain weight when you take more centimeters: bones of 10 centimeters longer, it weighs heavier. Do not plan without talking to your GP: You may slow down your growth. Consume a lot of different types of dairy to boost it: Growing up must be your priority. Say that as an adult, an extra kilo goes unnoticed on someone big. You must consume everything in sufficient quantity, with the exception of processed fats and sugars. So you need a lot of protein to build your muscle mass, fruits and vegetables for vitamins, minerals and fibers, and carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread) for stamina. Take it easy on sweets and crisps: you will probably find a weight loss by consuming them reasonably. 20 – 30 years the over-weight for students and active young people is usually due to an anarchic and unbalanced diet. You have to opt for a motivating diet that allows you to quickly reach the desired weight and then keep it for life, having acquired healthy and balanced eating habits. Physical activity can help maintain a harmonious silhouette once the diet has allowed you to reach the desired weight. It is not advisable to do an important physical activity at the same time as a diet because the body is doubly tired. Prefer meat, vegetables and fresh fruits to prepared dishes, fast food, and pizzas. To not crack in case of cravings, eat dried fruit or cereal bars. Make a detox to eliminate accumulated waste and adopt a grease burner to make the extra pounds disappear. It is advisable to use for example 1-between meals, Mediflor slimming infusions: Herbal mixture for infusion based on Yunnan Pu Erh tea, green tea, carrot, and artichoke leaf to help you lose weight naturally and promote the Drainage. 2-In addition to meals, the XLS Medical grease sensor sticks, in order to reduce calories from dietary fats while still being able to enjoy moderately what you like to eat. 3-in detox treatment with MinciDetox of Pileje for example, to detoxify your body and contribute to the comfort and lightness of your legs, while balancing your nutritional intake during your diet. 30 – 50 years for adults, the body usually has the habit of diets, and the effect yo-yo. So it responds less well. Thirty marks a real turning point in private and professional life. Indeed, it is the moment when you are starting a family, you move, you go up a professional project or you continue your career… With all these projects, we lack time and therefore we take less care of oneself. In order to lose weight efficiently, it is advisable to make meal plans to prepare during the week, to have a hearty and balanced breakfast so as not to be hungry in the morning and avoid nibbling, and to practice a sport at least twice a Week to spend. In addition, it is recommended to adapt a medical device, such as Oenobiol weight loss, to reduce fat and calorie absorption as needed. Ideal before the summer, you can do a slimming cure with the slimming Arkofluide program also. In case of cravings, you can also use to drain the body and promote the elimination of toxins, a detoxifying beverage like XLS drainer Express. + 50 years in the Fifties corresponds to the period of the “existential crisis”. We wonder about our lives, we take stock of what we did or didn’t do, we focus on ourselves and we take advantage of life. So we tend to let go, not to pay attention to our food, we nibble, we agree to delicacies… Senior adults (pre-menopausal, postmenopausal, or andropausés men) often suffer from bodily changes due to hormonal changes and water retention. A diet must contain sufficient milk products, not to suffer from decalcification, and proteins to not see the muscles melt. Adapted sports are cycling, yoga, Tai Chi and walking, to maintain the muscles without injuring the joints. Women over 45 years wishing to reduce the small belly during pre-menopause and menopause can use Ménophytea Silhouette flat belly. Between meals, it is recommended to use a Hunger cup for example as extracts of fresh plants from Fucus. It is also advisable to carry out a Cure of Glucomannan with Pharmavie slimming Konjac For example to reduce the calories in this summer period… Wean yourself from foods rich in sugar, eat anti-cellulite foods, but mostly drink a lot, including herbal teas.


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