How to treat muscle aches with essential oils

Who has never suffered a muscular ache? After the sport or an unusual effort, or following a viral infection, you often feel these pains in the muscles synonymous with the presence of muscle ache. To shorten the pain and to cure a muscular ache, nothing better than a massage or a bath with essential oils.

How do the aches appear?

Muscular pain can go from mild pain in a muscle group, or the pain can be debilitating and affect your daily activities. The muscular pains of the athletes, namely the aches and cramps occur as a result of the practice of unusual physical exercises or activities involving intense muscular contractions. They are manifested by pain and stiffness in the muscles that have been solicited and are linked to micro-lesions or micro-rips of muscle fibers. To prevent their onset, good muscle stretching and a lot of water are needed at the end of the activity. If, despite these tips, the pains appear, it is then appropriate to use the massage with essential oils and to massage the sore muscles with a mixture of essential oils adapted then to practice a gentle sport (walking, cycling). In sport, occasional or intensive practice, the preparation and recovery of muscles and joints is paramount. Massages and the use of natural heating and circulatory products greatly improves the physical condition.

How to use essential oils to cure aches and pains

Essential oils have an exceptional penetration power as they cross the skin by osmosis; Then quickly join (between half an hour and 2 hours) the circulatory system via the blood capillaries. In the case of muscle aches related to courbatuers, the oils chosen directly at the level of the area to be treated should be applied; And after taking care to dilute them without 10 to 20 times their volume of vegetable oil. For 10 ml of vegetable oil, 15 drops of essential oils can be put for example to obtain one twentieth of the vial (5%) or 30 drops to obtain one tenth (10%).

  • Essential oils must also be energized before use: Take the vial in the hands and agitate it by turning clockwise.
  • Massage the painful area with this oil twice a day.
  • Make sure the oil is well absorbed into the skin.
  • Keep using this oil every day and until you have no more muscular pain, stiffness or pain.

The journal Pain Research and treatment reported in 2016 that aromatherapy is an effective natural treatment for pain. Studies have shown that the use of essential oils to treat the symptoms of pain has helped to reduce chronic pain. For example, the use of lavender, rosemary and peppermint oil has helped reduce pain by about 30% in people with chronic shoulder pain. 1)

What essential oils to choose to cure aches and pains

1-The essential oil of peppermint Mentha Piperita: The properties of pain relief and cooling of peppermint essential oil make it an excellent oil for the natural relief of pain for sore muscles. 2-The essential oil of lavender Lavandula Angustifolia: The properties of relief of muscular pain of lavender are also good to relieve the muscular tension of the arms, thighs or lower back after a workout. 3-The essential oil of chamomile Chamaemelum Nobile helps to soothe the muscular tension. 4-The essential oil of menthol eucalyptus: The cooling effect of eucalyptus essential oil to rub sore muscles and help to get rid of aches and pains after workout 5-the essential oil of rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis helps to accelerate the recovery of muscular wounds.

What vegetable oils choose to cure aches and pains

When using essential oils for muscular pain, it is important to remember that essential oils are too powerful to be used directly on the skin. To make your own massage oil at home to treat sore muscles and other pains, you can use one of the following support oils: 1-the Simmondsia Chinensis Jojoba vegetable oil is a very beneficial oil for your skin By its constitution very close to the sebum. Jojoba is an excellent support oil for analgesic essential oils, as it helps oils to penetrate more easily into the skin. 2-Extra virgin olive vegetable oil can help increase the pain-relieving properties of many essential oils, as it has an analgesic effect. Olive oil has properties that can help reduce inflammation when applied topically. 3-Castor plant oil Castorus communis can help relieve muscular pain when used with essential oils. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which, according to scientific studies, has properties similar to capsaicin. Research has shown that capsaicin also has the potential to help manage chronic muscle pain.

Precautions for use

  • Do not use essential oils directly on your skin without diluting them.
  • Do not use essential oils if you are pregnant or on young children without first consulting a certified aromatherapist.
  • Do not use too much essential oil in a home remedy. 4 drops of essential oil for each tablespoon of support oil is usually strong enough.

Ask for a medical opinion for asthmatics and epileptics. An essential oil should not be used by people with anticoagulant therapy, or allergic to salicylates (aspirin), people with eczema, asthma, ulcer, hernia, hemorrhage, or having to undergo surgery Surgical. It is also recommended to carry out the allergic test with the mixture as detailed on this page before use. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.






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