How to properly use limestone oleo

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Blend of olive oil and lime water, the oléocalcaire linen is a natural product especially used for baby skin. It can be made homemade. But how well use the Oleo limestone linen purchased in your pharmacy…

Use baby linen for babies hygiene and grooming

Simple mixture of olive oil and lime water, the oléocalcaire linen is a natural product especially used to clean the baby’s buttocks smoothly. The lineage has been largely proven by its soothing and antiseptic properties for the hydration of babies ‘ skin when changing. In case of redness or diaper rash, the limestone oleo line cleans the baby’s buttocks gently. Just apply it with a cotton or a reusable wipe to remove dirt and impurities from your baby’s buttocks. It then leaves a thin layer of nourishing oil on the surface of the skin to protect it and prevent possible diaper rashes or redness. Other advantages of oleo limestone, it allows to remove crusts of milk.  Just apply it to the crusts a few hours before the bath, then proceed with a mild shampoo. If your baby has a dry skin or eczema, the line can also be used as a body moisturizer after the bath. More simply, the baby line is used to wash the child on awakening or after a meal.

The Oleo limestone linen as a natural makeup remover for Mom

The line is both soft and very effective because it will look for the impurities of your skin very deep. Thanks to its gentleness, the linen allows to remove the makeup, the impurities and the pollution by respecting all the skins, even sensitive. The composition of the oleo-limestone line is simple. It is made up of sesame oil and lime water in equal parts. These 2 ingredients interact with each other in a process of saponification (it is the same chemical reaction as to make a soap) and this gives the lineage. He trains with him imbedded impurities, like a soap. That is why it is so effective as the line is in liquid form, it is advisable to pour a few drops on a cotton and to pass the cotton moistened with linen on the whole face. You can also apply it with your hand and clean with a wipe or a compress. On the other hand, as a soap, the oleo-limestone line is a ph (acidity or basicity index) basic, while the ph of the skin is acidic. It is advisable to rebalance the pH of the skin to complete the cleaning of the face with a cotton soaked with hydrolat (the hydrosols are acidic in 98% of the cases), or to use a facial tonic, such as the Weleda makeup remover for example..

The flax to hydrate dry skins

The Oléocalcaire linen is a very moisturizing product with a smooth texture. He lays a slight fat film on the skin to protect it. It is particularly suitable for dry and fragile skins, because it has soothing but also antiseptic properties. It is possible to use the line as a moisturizing treatment for the body, for the face but also as a makeup remover. Also, you can pour a few drops in your bath to come out with a soft skin like that of baby on the other hand, its formula is too rich for mixed oily skins.

  • The line can be used for hydration of the face: it applies directly to the skin of the fingertips, with or without rinsing.
  • The linen can also be used for body hydration: it can be operated directly under the shower like a shower cream or out of the water as a classic body moisturizer.
  • Young moms can use it on their nipples to prevent and soothe crevices due to breastfeeding.  The line is then to be applied after feeding, and it is necessary to clean the breast thoroughly before the next feeding so that the baby does not ingest a product.

How well to choose its linen oleo limestone?

The liners are usually 100% natural products. By cons The quantity of oil can vary from one line to another so if you want a maximum of oil, it is better to favour a list of short ingredients (the ingredients are in order of quantity in the composition). You have to find in the formula an almost identical proportion of lime water and vegetable oil. Watch out for aluminum salts, parabens, preservatives, fragrances and dyes that can assault baby’s fragile skin. We recommend for example the lineage Mustela Baby Dermo protector and the organic flax Cattier… For more information on the complete compositions of products or their uses, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice…




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