How to fight naturally against winter fatigue?

How to fight naturally against winter fatigue
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Since December 21, the date of the winter Solstice, the days are beginning to lengthen gradually. Little by little, the renewal will settle down and bring us very slowly towards the spring. But for the time being, the low temperatures but also the humidity and the low light put our organism to a strain. Discover through this article how to fight naturally against winter fatigue? Once again, the observation of nature is the best lesson: animals slow down the pace or even hibernate. The trees are bare to save their energy and all the vegetation seems dormant: while some perennials retain their rhizomes or bulbs underground and disappear from our gardens, the annual plants die and disperse their seeds Who are waiting wisely for spring… What do we do? After the frenzy of the festivities of the end of the year, the year restarts on the wheel hats with the multiplication of activities and solicitations. Of course, the temperatures too mild for the season invite us. But beware, our organism lives well and truly at the rhythm of nature. So listen to yourself, and take advantage of this invitation to calm and rest to which autumn has prepared you. In Chinese medicine, for which the winter solstice marks the middle of winter, the most requested organ in winter is the kidney, which plays the role of energy battery. Indeed, it is the kidney that compensates the energy that our body deploys to warm us and to adapt to the winter coarseness. But too much demanded, it can be exhausted. It is a question of saving ourselves and supporting the functioning of our Organization.

  • First of all and logically, sleep and rest

In winter, you don’t have to play hard. So the most effective way to fight naturally against winter fatigue is still to lie down at a reasonable time. The body is repaired and regenerates in sleep, think about it! As soon as your schedule permits, rest: naps, soothing time, even for a few minutes.

  • Take some time to 

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage, a sauna, go to a place you make… Give yourself time to realize what makes you happy and makes you serene: walks in nature, reading, cooking, drawing…! Say no to what’s bothering you or costing you. In short, take care of yourself and your body!

  • Focus on tranquility in your activities

Organize yourself not to fall into stress, whether in the professional or private setting. Slow down and meditate! Keep the links with your loved ones by inviting them around for a good tea or homemade brew, but do not disperse and multiply the outings, it is not yet the time. Practicing soft and refreshing activities is a great way to fight naturally against winter fatigue.

  • Healthy eating, warming and vitalizing

The season’s vegetables are a priority. Cabbage, tubers, spinach, alliaceous, celery, leek, vegetable mash… Apples, kiwis, chestnuts on the fruit side. Not to mention all the oilseeds and dried fruits with many benefits, cereals such as oats, buckwheat, spelt. Make it full of essential fatty acids with fatty fish and vegetable oils. Think of seafood and shellfish for the minerals they contain! Prefer “yang” Cooking: Wok, pilaf… Raise your dishes with heating spices: ginger, cinnamon, clove, curry, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg… Fermented foods will help you restore your intestinal flora.

  • Feed your cells

It is true that during this period, winter fatigue is felt. It becomes important to give yourself a boost. And for that, what better than a good vitamin cure to support the functions of your organism and your immunity. Here is our selection for you and your blond heads:Alvityl Vitality is a nutritional supplement that brings vitality to the body to enable it to fight against winter fatigue. the Avityl Vitality tablet that will allow you to compensate for your body’s needs in vitamins and minerals. Its taste of chocolate will be appreciated by the whole family from 6 years old. It is an ideal dietary supplement for regaining shape and tone. Its formula also contributes to the smooth functioning of the nervous and muscular systems, and helps to strengthen the bones.       Alvityl defenses is a 100% natural food supplement that helps stimulate the body's natural defenses to help it fight winter fatigue.       Alvityl defense ideal for coping with external aggressions, or after the small ailments of winter. It will help you with its extracts of echinacea, propolis and vitamin C, recognized to contribute to the body’s natural defenses.   Pediakid Multivitamin Candies make it possible to bring to your children all the vitamins and minerals essential to their vitality. For younger children, nothing better than offering them vitamins in the form of delicious fruit-colored candies. This is what Pediakid offers us with these multivitamin gummies in the form of cubs. A daily intake will ensure a good energy for your children, to face their day serenely. These multivitamin candies will also provide support to their immune system, so diseases like the little winter ailments may be limited.

  • Gently support your body and your emunctories

During the winter, the time is not detox. Nevertheless, you can support your elimination organs with vital hygiene techniques: movements, hydrology, body techniques. The ingestion of plants through herbal teas is recommended. Depending on your terrain, a more specific action can be considered on the advice of your naturopath. So, winter well!

Delphine L., naturopath

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