Taking care of your liver: 5 simple gestures

A true chemical plant of our organism, the liver provides hundreds of functions and its optimal functioning is one of the pillars of our health. Constantly hypersolicited, we have every interest in taking care of our liver on a daily basis. Simple gestures can help. 1. Drinking sufficient hydration is essential to allow the liver to perform its role of filtration, transformation and evacuation of unwanted molecules. 1.5 L to 2 L of water per day is a minimum. To support liver function, a glass of lukewarm water added to a lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach can be beneficial (as long as you respect your temperament. Indeed the big nervous retracted will not reap benefits, on the contrary!) 2. Eating healthy and light our liver is loaded with over 500 different functions. He never chôme since he is the one who “manages” everything we ingests! Then it is best not to overload it with xenobiotics (substances extraneous to life), i.e. alcohol, tobacco, food additives but also all pollutants (pesticides, herbicides, endocrine disrupters), hormones and drugs , etc. also a diet too greasy or high glycemic index, without enzymes and vitamins as well as cooking at high temperatures are harmful to the liver. They will generate a permanent extra effort to evacuate all these toxic elements. 3. Releasing your emotions pent-up emotions are all stagnant energies that hinder the good circulation of Qi. The liver is connected in traditional Chinese medicine with the energy of anger (frustration, irritation, resentment, bitterness, aggression, outrages, impatience, outrage, etc.). expressed too strongly or on the contrary repressed, anger affects the liver and induces disorders (migraines, digestive problems, ill-being.) Also, it is important to find ways to manage and release your emotions. Think of Bach’s flower “Holly” whose action is focused on this emotion. 4. Reconnect with the hot water bottle the warm water bottle applied to the liver creates a vasodilation that supports the liver in its elimination functions and allows it to be decongested. A simple gesture to make in the evening after dinner, or simply when the need arises (see article “Hot water bottle, Naturo gesture”) 5. Detoxify as soon as the need arises before thinking about herbal medicine, very useful to support and cleanse your liver (article to come “the plants of the liver”), the first of the detox goes through a food lightening. The busy tongue, bad breath, unusual nocturnal awakenings, a sullen complexion, a nauseous sensibility, a drag fatigue… So many signs that can invite us to take care of our liver by putting it to rest. The use of a monodiet (cereals, greens, fruit) or fasting is a good option to alleviate liver work. The eviction of certain fatty foods, refined, exciting (coffee, chocolate, alcohol) and unfortunate associations in little digestible dishes (creams, fats, carbohydrates with strong glycemic index, etc.) will already allow our liver to blow a Little, before considering a more thorough cleaning. Delphine L., naturopath

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