The benefits of distributing essential oils

The benefits of distributing essential oils
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The atmospheric diffusion of essential oils has two major interests:-the olfactory pathway allows direct action on our brain via the nerve cells of the nasal mucosa. So active molecules act immediately on our nervous system before diffusing through the respiratory and pulmonary sphere, and then into the blood system. -The diffusion of essential oils sanitizes the ambient air by destroying harmful microbes or bacteria. So it plays a preventative role. There are many ways to diffuse essential oils, but not all of them are equal: the heat in particular alters the active principles and can even prove dangerous by altering their molecular structure. Also, forget about the burners or other diffusers using heat. Electric diffusion by cold nebulization is the best tool for diffusion of essential oils. A small engine propels air into the diffuser’s glassware, creating a cloud composed of microdroplets that mingle with the ambient air. This mechanism avoids heating and effectively diffuses essential oils. Ultrasonic diffusion works through the movement of water through a high-frequency oscillator coupled to a ventilation system. Very quiet, these diffusers are also often very aesthetic and combine music and color with fog created by the vapor of water that spreads in the room. They allow to purify the air while moistening the atmosphere. The broadcast should not last more than 20 minutes per piece, 10 minutes is often enough! Another simple way is to use a spray vaporizer. The essential oils will then be mixed with alcohol. This technique preserves the biochemical properties of essential oils. However, the density of the scattered droplets does not allow them to remain in airborne air. Finally, it is quite simply possible to pour a few drops of essential oils on a diffuser or on a handkerchief or a pillow. In this case, the action will be essentially olfactory. Whether it is to stimulate its immunity, to counter virus and bacteria or to appease the psyche, the diffusion of essential oils, within the reach of all, brings many benefits. Caution: The diffusion of essential oils is not recommended for people with respiratory allergies or asthmatic states. Ask your naturopath aromatherapist for advice. Delphine L., naturopath

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