The cool mist, the ally for a serene summer.

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With the temperatures that continue to climb everywhere in France, we can say, summer is here! Who says summer said beach, sun, heat … but also heat wave, insolation, dehydrated skin, irritated, moist, dripping makeup … To avoid these small inconveniences there is a simple gesture to adopt, the cool mist! What is a cool mist? A cool mist is a spray water-based spray that can gently diffuse very fine droplets of water that will come to refresh your skin but not that! These sprays, which seem very simple, receive special attention from the manufacturers, they are packaged in a sterile environment like drugs to guarantee maximum safety and preserve the many unsuspected virtues of these small bombs. There are different kinds of mists:

  • The thermal water spray that will be rich in trace elements and minerals, they are especially indicated for certain skin problems (eczema, acne, dryness …).
  • Sprays of mineral water that will be slightly loaded with minerals, their pH is neutral, they are suitable for all skin types.
  • The scented water sprays that will refresh while perfuming your skin slightly. They will be perfect to replace your perfume which in the sun could be allergenic, but will not really have beneficial virtues for the skin.

What cool mist to choose to accompany you this summer? We have selected for you the Pharmaprix Freshness Mist The Pharmaprix Freshness Mist is the essential to have in your bathroom, your purse, your car, your beach bag … in short, to have in all circumstances. Discover why:

  • Tested under dermatological control, the Pharmaprix Freshness Mist with its neutral pH is suitable for all skin types and all ages.
  • It is ideal for your baby’s skin that is extremely fragile, especially when it comes to heat. Irritations can occur especially at the level of folds and buttocks with the friction of the layer. This water spray will help soothe the skin and reduce irritation.
  • It is also ideal for older people who are particularly affected by heat. It will help refresh the skin and moisturize it is a simple gesture for them, who forget all too often to hydrate.
  • The Pharmaprix Fresh Mist will be your ally for outdoor outings: in the event of a heat stroke, it will help refresh and tone the body.
  • At the beach, we advise you to slip it into your cooler, the salt attacks the most fragile skin, itching and a burning sensation can appear. The water spray will remove salt and relieve the skin.
  • In case of sunburn, the mist applied repeatedly will calm, soothe and moisturize the skin, which will accelerate the healing process.

And it’s not over! The Pharmaprix Freshness Mist has other virtues if you associate it with your daily care:

  • After the shower, it will eliminate limescale, but also act as a tonic for your skin.
  • Apply your cream or other care on the skin still wet, this will help promote the penetration of the product and boost its effect.
  • Post waxing, it will lessen the unsightly redness.
  • To perfect makeup, yes! Contrary to what one might think, the haze drying will come fix the pigments and not dissolve. During the day, a little spray will revive your complexion.

What do we like in the Pharmaprix Fresh Mist? 

  • Its ultra simple composition that guarantees a tolerance for all skins.
  • Its versatility makes it an indispensable product for the whole family.
  • Its small price, enough to use and abuse without fear for his bank account.
  • It exists in small format, which allows to slide it everywhere.

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