How to treat scabies naturally with medicinal plants?

How to treat scabies naturally with medicinal plants?
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Definition of Scabies

Scabies is a skin condition that affects humans more generally. The responsible parasite attacks the epidermis by digging a variety of furrows as a nest. Then the female parasite chooses them to lay the eggs. This causes itching. Little by little, lesions are formed on the skin. To know that this type of disease is contagious. In other words, it can be transmitted from man to man if one of them is contaminated. On the other hand, human scab differs from plant mange and animal scab. These other two types of scabies may not evolve in humans in any way. There is another type of scabies called “Cement scab”. This is a condition that particularly affects workers working in the building or any other area that creates the manipulation of cement. It has nothing to do with human scabies as such.

Causes of Scabies

Scabies can be transmitted in two different ways: the non-human factor and the human factor. The non-human factor is the parasite called “Sarcopte”. They are small mites peculiar to man. They find their nutrients in human blood. In addition, the female in full fertilization causes the lesions by placing their eggs inside the epidermis. After a few days, the eggs hatch and multiply rapidly. The transmission is getting very fast. And it is in this way that it joins the human factor. A person who is already infected can easily contaminate a healthy person. This can be favored by the outside temperature because at good temperature, the pests can survive for two or more days. Moreover, they resist the soaping. Places like schools, cribs and other public areas are the most dangerous.

Symptoms of Scabies

Itching is the first symptom of scabies. This usually happens in the evening when you get under the blanket well warm or after taking a good hot shower. These itches can cause insomnia because you stay attentive and spend the time scratching. As we scrape, we promote the formation of lesions in the form of opaque beads. The most sensitive areas are the inside of the wrists, between the fingers, the armpits, the elbows, the thighs, the abdominal belt or even the breasts and buttocks. The lesions are covered with crusts in the elderly or those suffering from immunosuppression. It is no longer a question of the presence of scabies if all members of the family begin to scratch in their turn.

Medicinal plants that treat these ailments

The first step to take in case of obvious signs is to disinfect all bedding and household linens. Products specially designed for this purpose are sold freely in pharmacies or herbalists. To treat scabies in a natural way, some varieties of medicinal plants can be used in the form of ointment or herbal teas. The chosen method of treatment does not in any way influence the result obtained. In ointment, you can bet on the knotty Figwort, the Achilles Yarrow, the Momordica or the other. For knotty Figwort, mix 20g of butter to 20g of previously grated rhizomes. For the Yarrow Achilles, you have to incorporate 20g of lard into 10g of finely grated roots. The same is done in the same way for the Momordica and the above. As for the choice of herbal tea, you can opt for serpolet, peppermint, charcoal from Europe or thyme. The decoction is not to drink but rather serves to wash the wounds. Sources:

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