Protect your skin: how do you avoid damage during your winter stay?

Are you leaving soon to stay in the mountains and want to slip into your vanity the essential care to protect your skin as well as that of your whole family in a safe and optimal way? You’re in the right place! In winter stay in the mountains, two major enemies threaten the skin: the cold and the sun. Discover all our tips on how to protect your skin optimally while enjoying your holiday in the snow.

Protect your skin from the cold

Winter is the most formidable season for the skin. Indeed, as soon as the cold arrives, the skin of the face, the lips and the hands is directly exposed to the external aggressions. So it tends to dry out faster. This is the sign that the care usually provided to the skin is no longer enough. (Day cream, milk for the body…) It is important to use appropriate care to protect your skin effectively.

How to protect your skin effectively despite the cold?

When the cold settles, the skin is inevitably attacked. In question: The heating of our houses, the dry air from the outside, the icy wind that accompanies it, the rubbing of the skin with the clothes, the abrupt passage from the hot to the cold. All this causes damage to the skin. It dehydrates, Dries, Reddens, irritates, gerce and even goes as far as to form crevices... It is out of the question to find yourself on the ski slopes chapped lips that burn or fingertips filled with crevices! It is known that hydration is essential to the proper functioning of the organism, it is just as essential to protect its skin. Water, herbal teas, broth everything is good to take. Alcohol, meanwhile, tends to dehydrate the organism and thus, by repercussion, the skin. So it is to be consumed in moderation;). That says hydration, also says nutrition. In order to nourish the skin from the inside, foods rich in fatty acids and omega-3 are chosen which help to preserve the skin lipid balance: fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, etc.), but also avocado and oilseeds (nuts, almonds, Hazelnuts, etc.). Did you know that a well-nourished skin limits the loss of water and thus the dehydration of the skin? To give a little boost to our skin and because eating properly is not always enough to preserve it from all these aggressions, it needs appropriate care. Our coup de coeur:

Eucerin Shower Oil

Opt for the kit "My Essentials of the weekend Bioderma for your stay in skiing. Care that effectively protects and nourishes your skin.
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It consists of:

  • Properties 100 ml shower gel: A daily soap-free “soft cleansing” gel that respects the skin.
  • Intensive Balm Properties 45 ml: an ultra-soothing balm for sensitive skin very dry, irritated with atopic. It restore, relipid and is anti-itching.
  • Sensibio H2O 100 ml: a cleansing micellar cleansing water that respects the fragility of sensitive skins.
  • Hydrabio Serum 15 ml: An intense moisturizing concentrate for highly dehydrated sensitive skins.

The properties range of Bioderma

Are you going with your family? The entire properties range of Bioderma offers perfectly adapted treatments for the whole family: shower oil, washing cream, body balm until ultra-soothing spray… Therefore, Bioderma provides a solution suitable for sensitive skin dry, very dry, irritated through its properties range. Thanks to its dermobrevetées formulas, properties allows to restore biologically and durably the hydrolipidic film of Skins in need of hydration and lipids.

Protect your skin with the SOS anti-itch bioderma to relieve dry and irritated skin of the whole familyProtect its skin with the Intensive properties balm of the dermatological laboratory Bioderma to soothe the very dry and irritated skins of the whole family.Portéger her skin in the shower with the ultra-nourishing and soothing shower oil properties of the dermatological laboratory BiodermaProtect its skin from irrititations and drought with the nourishing cream properties of the dermatological laboratory Bioderma

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Dream of Honey Nuxe

If you are rather looking for a fun range, nothing better than the ultra-comforting dreams of honey Nuxe specially designed to bring the utmost comfort to dry and very dry skins. This range preserves the skin barrier with valuable vegetable oils that nourish the skin in depth. But also thanks to Acacia honey for its softening and protective action.

Protect his skin as well as that of his family with the Super healing balm with honey for the face and body of the laboratory Nuxe.Specially designed for the very dry and fragile areas of the face and body, the Super balm restorative dream of honey is a concentrate of nourishing and repairing ingredients that protects the skin. They relieves it, soothes the sensations of tightness, helps it to remove redness and irritations. Ideal for the whole family. Its mesmerizing texture and gourmet fragrance are unveiled in a compact jar, which slides everywhere, ready to hold its role as superhero. Its unique combination of honey, precious oils and beeswax gives it a fondant that calls for precious cocooning moments.
Protect your hands and lips from the cold with the discovery offer dream of honey Nuxe.The perfect duo at Mini Price: hand and nail cream + lip stick formulated with honey and vegetable oils to guarantee your skin repair, nutrition and optimum protection. Did you know? Particularly thin and lacking in sebaceous glands, the skin of the lips is miscarried by winter temperatures. So the lips need attention as much as the skin of our face. They can only rely on the rehydration that is brought to it.
Protect its dry and sensitive skin with the frost washing overfat dream of honey Nuxe. A soothing and softening gesture for the whole family.This gel washing face and body fat, with honey and sunflower, smooth and deliciously honey, takes care daily of dry and sensitive skins by respecting the Hydrolipid film. It cleans the face and body without drying out. A real cocooning parenthesis in the shower.

Click on the image to access one of the above products. Find the whole dream of honey range on our online shop.

The Filmogel of Urgo

Finally, if you suffer from crevices, bring yourself without any hesitation to the Filmogel Urgo.

Protect its skin from crevices with the Filmogel crevice URGO for immediate relief.Urgo Filmogel crevices Hands is a ready-to-use liquid dressing. It adapts to all sizes of crevices and all their locations on the hand, to soothe and heal. Urgo’s Filmogel technology is unique. It resists water and allows a localized application on the crevice with optimum penetration of the product thanks to its liquid form. It forms a soft transparent protective film (semi-occlusive) in contact with the air, which allows the crevice to be maintained in a humid environment. The film formed offers effective and fast results. It instantly relieves pain, protects against external aggressions, prevents the crack from reopening, and promotes optimum healing. NB: At the application it is possible to feel stinging, do not worry, they will dissipate very quickly.

Protecting your skin from the sun

Whether you are on the ski slopes, hiking or on the terraces of a café, the sun is present and the cold tends to make us forget… In conclusion, one does not necessarily think to protect his skin from the sun with a sunscreen, a serious mistake! For all those who thought that the rays of the sun would be less violent in the mountains, well, think again… In fact, the higher you ascend, the higher the UV index increases. Did you know that at an altitude of 3000 m, UV radiation is 40% higher than that of sea level? This is due to the reverb of the sun on the snow. Indeed, UV radiation is intensified to 90% in snow versus 20% on sand and 4% on a lawn. You will have understood it to avoid the irreversible damage of the sun on the skin, protecting its skin from UV rays is paramount! You can’t do without sunscreen during your stay! Apply a generous layer to your face in the morning as well as a diaper every two hours. And remember, it’s not because the sun is not present that you have to do without sunscreen! UV rays also pass through the clouds.

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