Joint disorders: what essential oils to use?

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The pain in the joints is a real concern on a daily basis. It’s painful and irritating. Don’t let the joint troubles ruin your Life. You have to act!  Find out which essential oils to use to relieve joint pain.

How are joint pains manifested?

Repetitive movements damage the tissues that connect the muscles to the bone little by little. The lack of hydration of the joint, the diet too acidic… All these factors in the long run cause inflammation of the joints: it is Arthritis. This inflammation is located at the level of the serous purse. It is a connective tissue that contains the synovial fluid (facilitates The slip between the bone and the tendon, serves as a damping for the movements) and causes severe pain in the joints when it is inflamed. Articulationschema By wearing, the cartilage loses its flexibility and Elasticity. The bones will touch, causing joint pain. In the long run, the cartilage wears off and the bones end up rubbing between them: it is Osteoarthritis.

Causes of joint disorders

Joint disorders are related to various factors:

  • Age: indeed over time, the compounds (hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine…) present in the cartilage of the joints are scarce. This results in a lack of hydration of the cartilage which causes little by little the inflammations causing the Pain.
  • Weight: the heavier you weigh and the more your joints are on tension… Know that for a man of 80 kg, the pressure exerted on his knees when he walks is from 240 to 320 kg, or 3 to 4 times the weight of the Body.  This will alleviate the pain in the joints.
  • Hygiene of Life: 

→ A sedentary life promotes joint disorders. It is important to mobilize them, by walking daily for Example. Be careful, however, not to abuse too intense physical exertion, which would eventually use the Cartilage. → A diet too acidification for the body to create inflammations at the Joints. That is an important thing to Remember. If you suffer from joint disorders, you must avoid these foods at all costs: milk, yoghurt, cheese, Red meat, pastries, biscuits, Industrial food…

 What essential oils to treat joint disorders?

Aromatherapy uses essential oils that know how to improve the discomfort of joint disorders. They provide effective and quick answers that are very useful in the event of a Crisis. Essential oils make it possible to bring immediate and targeted benefit, by localized massages of sore areas and also offer the great advantage of limiting side effects, especially stomach ulcers, related to the prolonged taking of Anti-Pain and Anti-inflammatory Treatments. The first step is to think about the therapeutic properties to relieve pain in the knee joints:

  • Anti-inflammatory to stop inflammation due to friction between the bones
  • Anti-Pain relief to relieve pain and you avoid taking paracetamol or other chemical molecule

The essential oil of salal

Anti-inflammatory plant and analgesic, salal is an extremely effective natural aspirin in the context of joint pain and Inflammation. For a local and immediate effect. Dilute 15 drops of salal in 5 ml of macadamia oil and Massage. For swollen and sore joints, dilute 3 drops of Salal he, 2 drops of Helichrysum he and 2 drops of noble laurel he in 10 ml of arnica vegetable Oil. 5 drops of this mixture applied whenever necessary in massage will allow to immediately decongest the painful areas. Due to its vasodilator and heating effect, the use of salal essential oil may cause irritation. In this case, you should instead use:

The essential oil of Katrafay

15 drops diluted in 5 ml of macadamia oil and applied in massage will bring a local and immediate effect. To massage the painful joints, It is also recommended to use the essential oil of Scots pine. We put 20 drops of essential oil of Scots pine in a mixture, shake it and then we can massage with this Preparation. The essential oil of rosemary can also be interesting to massage its painful joints. We can find preparations in pharmacy. You always have to choose organic essential oils and organic vegetable oils. The essential oil of laurel sauce is also interesting. These essential oils must always be diluted in a vegetable oil and not applied to the skin. Essential oils should not be used in pregnant or lactating women and in children under 6 years of age.

The essential oil of Eucalyptus lemon

Eucalyptus lemon Essential oil also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

A final tip to relieve your joint troubles: the clay poultice

Once or twice a day, you can apply a poultice of clay to the painful articular area and leave it to sit for 4 hours. How to prepare a clay poultice?

  • Use a glass or wood container and then arrange the clay.
  • Gradually add lukewarm water until a thick dough is obtained.

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