5 Natural Tips for removing lice

5 Natural Tips for removing lice
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Lice! The haunting of all parents as soon as school starts. Almost 85% of school children are likely to have lice at least once during their schooling. Lice are present all year round, but with seasonal peaks associated with each start of community life. Often, it only takes one case to trigger a whole epidemic. fortunately, there are several natural and effective remedies for removing lice and preventing them from appearing.

Top 5 Tricks 100% natural anti-lice

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a very fine oil that happens to seep into the breathing holes of the louse to finally asphyxiate it. Pou is able to close its pores in water for example and can survive 24h. On the other hand, coconut oil mouths the breathing holes, so the Pou dies quickly.

How to use coconut oil to kill lice?

Thoroughly soak the scalp and the root of the hair rays. Allow 2h to put on cellophane (or overnight, in this case put a towel on the pillow), then make 2 anti-lice shampoos to properly remove coconut oil and eliminate all lice and slow dead.

  • Green Clay

On the same principle as coconut oil, the green clay will imprison the louse and asphyxiate it.

How to use green clay as anti lice?

Mix a good amount of clay in water, once the dough is smooth and homogeneous, apply a thick layer on the roots and then leave 1 to 2h under cellophane and under towel to prevent the clay from drying.

  • The essential oil of Tea Tree and Lavandin Super

Aromatherapy is one of the most effective natural remedies for lice. -Tea Tree Essential Oil has active repellant principles that remove and remove lice. It has molecules from the monoterpene alcohol family (such as Linalol), which has this pest control property. This essential oil will therefore act by penetrating the cells of the POU, which will alter the cellular membranes and the intracellular constituents of the parasite. –The essential oil of Lavandin Super contains Linalol as well as camphor (5% height) which is a natural parasiticide of the most potent.

How to use aromatherapy to fight lice?

In a vial, mix:

  • 60 drops of Lavandin Super essential oil
  • 60 drops of Tea Tree essential oil

When your child is infested apply 5 drops of the mixture 2 times a day on the scalp and then wash the hair with a lice shampoo. Renew the application for 3 consecutive days. Renew 8 to 15 days after at the latest (time that nits give lice). In prevention, you can also use this mixture: 1 drop behind the neck and 1 drop behind the ears.

  • Baking soda

Against lice, but especially against nits, baking soda (food!) is formidable! Indeed, there is a part of the bicarbonate that solubilizes in the water and acts on the nits and there is another part of grains that remain non-solubilized act by contact with adult lice.

How to use baking soda to eliminate lice and nits?

Ask your child to close your eyes properly (in case of eye contact rinse well!) and sprinkle the baking soda on its skull in a uniform manner. Moisten to help with a spray the hair and let it act as long as possible cellophane. Comb the hair to help it with an anti-lice comb and then shampoo.

  • White vinegar

White vinegar is a natural and particularly effective alternative. More than the smell, its interest rests on its acidity (low PH) and its antiseptic action. But in order not to attack the scalp, it must be diluted. It is formidable to take off the slow ones.

How to eradicate lice and nits with white vinegar?

Dilute the vinegar and water equally, soak your child’s hair with the mixture, and allow as much time as possible under cellophane before shampooing and disbonding the nits with a comb.

The best anti-lice solution: Prevention!

As the adage says, prevention is better than cure, the best way to fight lice is to protect yourself! We recommend that you wash your children’s hair with a natural lice shampoo once a week. The natural active principles will protect your children from possible infestation. You can even complete the action with an anti-lice shampoo that will have the advantage of reinforcing the protection and also to untangle the hair, ideal for little girls or little boys with long hair! Also consider unsheathing a natural lice lotion in the event of a reported outbreak. Once a week for 3 weeks, apply the lotion on your child’s roots let it act before making a lice shampoo.

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