How to naturally protect baby from mosquitoes?

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The beautiful days arrive, with them the mosquitoes have made their return for the sole purpose of preventing us from sleeping and devouring us.  There are many protections on the market to protect us, but what about baby?  We are often afraid to apply harmful and aggressive lotions for our little blond heads, so nothing better than turning to nature to find healthy and effective solutions to protect baby from mosquitoes.

How to protect baby from mosquitoes through herbal medicine?

Essential Oils: Aromatherapy is one of the most effective natural ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Whether it is in circulation or in skin application they will scare away the mosquitoes and can soothe the inflammation and the itch in case of a sting. Here are our top 3 essential anti-mosquito oils:

  • Essential Oil of Eucalyptus lemon: It is known for its repulsive anti-mosquito and anti-inflammatory properties. You can add this essential oil to your usual shower gel or dilute it in a vegetable oil before applying it to your skin. The essential oil of Eucalyptus lemon masks the CO2 from the human body which is no longer identified by female mosquitoes.
  • Geranium essential Oil: Its powerful floral odor makes it possible to effectively remove mosquitoes.
  • Citronella essential oil This essential oil has the quality of being: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant, deodorant, repulsive, insecticide. As a result of a sting, the application of citronella will soothe the itch and avoid infection. If it relieves, it can also avoid them.

Nevertheless, essential oils are to be used with caution especially in the smaller ones. We therefore advise you before 3 years to turn to finished products based on essential oils specially formulated to be used on baby without any risk:

  • Anti-Sting Repellent spray: This Puressentiel spray from Eucalyptus lemon essential oil is usable from 6 months. It applies on the baby’s skin avoiding the parts of the body that could be in contact with the mouth. The naturally lemon odor will scare off mosquitoes with proven efficacy of 7am
  • Anti-Mosquito Roller: It is a milk for the body of Pranarom laboratories based on essential oil of true lavender, lemongrass of Madagascar and Eucalyptus lemon. As with the spray, it applies by avoiding the parts of the body that could be in contact with the mouth from 6 months.
  • Diffusion mix: It is a Pranarom complex that combines the efficiency of Java citronella with the pleasant fragrances of Palmarosa and geranium, clove and ginger, Eucalyptus lemon and bedding. It can be broadcast from 3 months, 30 min before bedtime to spend a serene night.

As we have just mentioned there are several interesting formulas to protect baby from mosquitoes from 6 or 3 months, nevertheless due to the toxicity of essential oils use them on smaller ones can prove dangerous. For newborns (and even larger ones), installing a mosquito net over the bed will be an effective way. However, there are many other natural remedies that are not necessarily thought of.

How to naturally protect baby from 0 to 3 months against mosquitoes?

There are often discarded products in the herbal branch, yet their softness makes them indispensable for the daily care of adults as well as for the smallest. These are the hydrosols. Hydrosols (or floral waters) always have the same functions as the essential oil they have been used to produce, but they are much softer and do not include contraindications. Their therapeutic action is on the other hand weaker. We recommend that you use:

  • The Hydrolat of Geranium: As the essential oil, its sweet flowering odor will have a repulsive action. You can apply it several times a day on the clothes as well as on the skin of your child.
  • The Lavender Hydrolat: will be perfect to complement the repulsive action of the geranium. We advise you to mix both for enhanced efficiency

For home care enthusiasts, we offer a recipe for mosquito repellent spray that you can use from birth: Mix in a previously sterilized 200ml spray bottle (tinted glass if possible):

  • 10ml of white vinegar (repulsive action)
  • 1 Case of vegetable glycerine
  • Geranium hydrolat 80ml
  • Lavender Hydrolat 80ml
  • 30 ml of alcohol at 90 undenatured (if you find) or Vodka (emulsifier, astringent and preservative)

You can apply this mixture several times a day on the baby’s clothes or on his skin making sure not to spray the areas close to the eyes and that could be in contact with the mouth

How to prevent mosquito bites with homeopathy?

In some people, bites cause an allergic reaction. Allergic and toxic reactions can be manifested by redness, edema, swelling in the least severe cases. In other cases, the person may experience internal pain associated with the sting, decreased tension, choking, stomach pain, fainting, vomiting, diarrhea. To prevent its risks, homeopathy is a remedy suitable for all even to the smallest:

  • Ledum palustris 5CH: 5 granules morning and evening (to be diluted in a little water for the smaller ones). The Ledum strain alters the smell of perspiration and makes the skin less appétante for mosquitoes. It also helps to relieve edema in the event of bites.
  • Apis 5CH: 5 granules morning and evening to limit the inflammatory reaction and treat edema in case of stings

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