How to lose weight and eliminate cellulite with gemmotherapy?

Natural Alternative: The principle of gemmotherapy

What is more, the advantage of buds is that they do not contain the toxic compounds that are sometimes found in certain plants.

Natural Alternative: The principle of gemmotherapy

Gemmotherapy is a branch of herbal medicine.

The sign of a growing plant is the small buds it reveals. To develop optimally, the plant needs a lot of vital energy. And guess what? It’s the buds that contain the most. Did you know that the bud is the part of the plant that will never be affected by the disease? That leaves some thought. In fact, alone, it contains the assets of flowers, fruits and leaves, with different virtues depending on the buds of plants used, explaining their great effectiveness of action. The bud is in a way the concentrated “totum” of the plant.

Since Gemmotherapy is not a miracle solution, to achieve results, you will naturally need to eat healthy, balanced, and exercise. It is only in these conditions that you will be able to see real results. To optimize the elimination of fats, a cure of detox is ideal. Why take a detox treatment before starting a slimming diet? Our body itself generates toxins, during digestion for example. Billions of cells die every day inside of us. Not to mention that our way of life requires us to ingest toxic substances on a daily basis: air pollution, medicines, additives and dyes… Add to this the differences that we agree: alcohol, tobacco, food too rich in sugar and bad fat… Our body is dirty and it makes us understand:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Overweight
  • Irritability
  • Repeat disease

If you accumulate many of these symptoms, then it is time for you to do a detox! In order to eliminate the famous orange skin, it is essential to detoxify especially the liver and kidneys which will allow the body to better optimize the weight loss. Your body will then be more “clean” and will be able to operate at full throttle! What are the buds indicated for an effective and complete detox? For a complete detox of the organism it is necessary to aim at two major organs in the disposal of the waste, the liver, and the kidneys.

  • The liver is the most important émonctoire of the organism because the most sought. In fact, it receives, in order to filter them, all the products of digestion, through the blood. It also receives ROT products loaded with toxic ammoniaquées substances. It is also at the level of the liver that all the undesirable chemicals are found: pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, antioxidants, stabilisers, medicines…

  • The kidneys have the task of filtering and evacuating by urine the waste circulating in our blood (the kidneys filter 120 ml of blood per minute) and make it one of the main emunctories of our organism. It is through them that all acids and crystals pass through. Any decrease in the amount of urine or its concentration of waste causes an accumulation of toxins in the body, a buildup of health problems.

The shares of Depuraseve:

  • Eliminates toxic (detoxicant),
  • Inhibits self-intoxication (DETOXIFIANTE),
  • Depurative
  • Tonic, she fights fatigue.

Depuraseve is ideal for starting a gentle detox, it accustoms the body to eliminate the toxins little by little without fearing the effects too violent that a detox can engender (acne, digestive disorders..) It is advisable to use it for 10 days alone, at the rate of one tablespoon per day, in a bottle of water to drink throughout the day.

Phase 2 of the programme: we move on to the attack phase with Depuragem

This complex consists of 4 large plants known for their virtues on the hepatic and renal system:

  • The young rosemary Leaf: exerts an antitoxic action on the liver. It traps free radicals and effectively fights against fatigue and drowsiness. Its exhilarating action improves nervous imbalances.
  • The young Juniper Sprout: acts effectively on the renal system, but mainly as a protector of the liver and general detoxifying. It normalizes liver function.
  • Dandelion: Traditionally used in salad in the spring cure as Depurative, is prepared in the fresh state in the form of mother tincture. This method of manufacture allows to maintain a maximum concentration of active ingredients, thus ensuring optimum action on the liver.
  • Artichoke leaves: contain the greatest concentration of 3 acids that must act together (taken in isolation, they have little action). The artichoke, prepared as a mother tincture, helps to control cholesterol and regulates the biliary function.

It is advisable to take 25 drops in the morning in a glass of water for 20 days.

Once your detox cure is over, place it to the goal weight loss and 0 cellulite!

How does cellulite appear? Some physiological reminders:

The word Cellul-ite can be translated as “inflammation of the cell”. Two types of cellulite are distinguished:

  • Aqueous Cellulite:

(from Latin “aqua” meaning “water”) It is due to a problem of water drainage that stagnates in the tissues: it is the water retention. It is the result of poor venous and lymphatic circulation. The tissues are filled with water and toxins and compress the vessels. Little by little, the skin deforms giving way to small unsightly dimples.

  • Fat Cellulite:

The inflamed cells concern the adipocytes. They have the role of storing fat. When one of them is saturated with fat it follows an inflammatory reaction. This is where the orange skin aspect is described by many women! Indeed, the saturation of these famous adipocytes will disturb the blood and lymphatic circulation of the organism causing, in the long run, an inflammatory field. What you should remember: by linking the causes of cellulite, we see that we need to act on:

  • Lipolysis: Elimination of Fats
  • Blood and lymphatic circulation
  • The inflammatory terrain

They will act on the causes of cellulite by their actions:

  • Anti
  • Circulatory and decongestant
  • Lipolytic

Herbalgem Celluseve

In the first step, start with a regular Cellusev. Dosage: One tablespoon in a bottle of water to drink throughout the day for 10 days. It contains:

  • Birch SAP: It has well-known diuretic properties and is used successfully in people suffering from water retention, obesity, cellulite. It has been working for centuries as a depurative for the various overloads of the body and skin problems.
  • Blackcurrant buds: It has many virtues at the articular, respiratory, nervous, circulatory and renal levels. Here it is especially his action on the circulatory system that one will choose to remember. indeed; It is well known for its anti-inflammatory action since it exerts a phlébotonique and neurovascular-protective action at the blood level.
  • White Birch buds: it promotes degradation and disposal of waste. It removes cholesterol, chlorides, urea, uric acid and protects the renal system. Its anti-inflammatory action is clearly marked, at the level of the urinary tract, it is depurative and diuretic. It is useful in arteritis, rheumatism, gout. White Birch releases the body from substances that clog it.
  • Hazel Buds: It is the key remedy for multiple sclerosis and fibrosés tissues. It acts in lower limb edemas, circulatory stases and liver fatigue. Thanks to its large ecological amplitude, hazel can be associated with various other plants that grow with it.
  • Ash buds: It is one of the most powerful drainers of the renal system. It contributes to the elimination of cholesterol, uric acid and acts as anti-inflammatory at the level of cellulite.
  • Chestnut buds: It acts on the lymphatic system that it decongests. It is a first-order venous drainer and is indicated in overload phenomena. It acts on the sensation of gravity and absorbed the edemas.

In a second step, you have to associate the Celluseve with the Celluligem, for a more complete and intense effect!

Herbalgem Celluligem

It consists of:

  • Hazel Buds
  • Ash Buds
  • Chestnut buds

Dosage: 5-7 drops throughout the day this complex is a powerful drainer. It helps to eliminate the waste of metabolism, even those accumulated for a long time. The synergistic action of the 3 buds makes this complex the most effective remedy known in gemmotherapy. It acts in a slow but durable way. It can be associated with a birch sap cure.


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