Promote a good sleep: Naturopathic Tips

Promote a good sleep: Naturopathic Tips
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To make it easier to fall asleep but also to gain sleep, the answers made by Naturopathy are numerous. It goes without saying that these tips are to be adapted and modulated according to your temperament. A good sleep goes through a good hygiene of life, and by some tricks... It is important to listen to yourself and the needs of our Organization. We all have a daily rhythm that is most favorable to us. It is up to us to find it and to rely on it as much as possible. Just watch yourself. What time in the evening do you feel the need to go to sleep? What is the time of your natural awakening? How many hours of sleep provide you with a quality day, to the best of your fitness? These few simple questions are rich in teaching to promote your sleep and your health. Some councils seem to be common sense. But it is enough to consider with honesty our habits to realize that our daily rhythms have quickly made to relegate this famous common sense to the second plane. So we all know that too much time spent in front of our screens is harmful, that repeated stimulations are the source of emotional and mental agitations. Likewise, days spent in stress, without taking the time to rest, to feed properly and to breathe deeply will adversely affect our sleep. Also, to help our organization agree with its natural rhythm, it is important during our days to take breaks, relax, oxygenate and relax. NAP has a beneficial effect on regulating our biological rhythm. Exercise well conducted, with temperance and during the day, is a good sleep inducing. Think about the environment of your sleep: The room must be ventilated, with pleasant colors rather clear, with a temperature of 18 °c ideally. Save yourself from the waves of your mobile phone by turning it off and leaving it in another room, and avoid any electromagnetic fields that could disturb your sleep. Ensure the quality of your bedding, promote natural and pleasant materials for your linens and create an atmosphere conducive to calm. For people who have difficulty falling asleep, we can, as is often done for children, introduce a ritual at bedtime: read a few pages of a book, listen to music that we like, make a positive assessment of the day, etc. For those who are struggling to relax at night, think about the benefits of a good hot bath scented with a few drops of essential oils, light a few candles, practice deep breaths, massage yourself or get massaged.   Food and sleep the evening meal should be taken as soon as possible and must be light. Remember that the first meal of the day is a de-fasting, which implies that our organism must have fasted since the day before! To take this good habit will avoid many inconveniences: heavy and difficult digestion, poor recovery of the organism and incomplete elimination of toxins during the night resulting in restless sleep and laborious awakenings. The evening meal should not contain any protein. Prefer raw and cooked vegetables, soups or a small amount of cereals or legumes. Foods rich in tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin (banana, parsley, squash seeds, soybeans, cod, milk) will have their place in your diet. Carbohydrates, stimulating insulin secretion, easy absorption of tryptophan and its conversion to serotonin. On the other hand, some foods are unfavorable to a quality sleep. Generally, foods that impose too much of a digestive effort. So we’ll keep proteins in excess, fried foods, bad food associations. Foods that you tolerate poorly or too “strong” will also be reduced, especially in the evenings: spices, garlic, onion… Reducing or suppressing exciting foods will have a positive effect on sleep. Tea, coffee, alcohol and sodas and energy drinks are to be avoided at all costs! The evening tea is recommended. It will offer you a relaxing time while bringing you active plant principles interesting for sleep: Hawthorn, lemon balm, lime tree, verbena, orange blossom, chamomile, passiflore, valerian present virtues sedative And each have a specific sphere of action (see article “Evening Tea”). Escholtzia is also a major plant for the quality of sleep.   Our eco-psychology in the service of a good sleep once again, the impact of our thoughts and our vision of the world is undeniable on our sleep. Nourish yourself with positive and serene thoughts, adopt as much as possible an attitude of letting go of what makes you cringe. Avoid the mental ruminations that are unnecessary and harmful to your health, allow yourself time to do the inner sorting between what is bothering you and what you need to solve and what is bothering you in vain. Finally, give the sleep all its important and have a positive conception of its usefulness and its benefits. Sophrology can be a good accompaniment in people who cannot stop the flow of the mind, or who are struggling to slow down and be in the moment. Similarly, all practices that concern both body and mind (Taichi, yoga, Qi Qong, etc.) will be beneficial.   Other tools to make your sleep easier the Bach flowers are a major tool for the good management of your emotions and negative states. White Chestnut Flower (white chestnut) is often advocated for the trouble of falling asleep linked to incessant thoughts. But many other flowers, depending on the specific disorder, will have positive effects on sleep. The power of essential oils is no longer to be demonstrated. Their active principles would act as relaxing and misleading a restful sleep. Think of the essential oils of true Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) of course, but also of Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), Mandarin (Citrus reticulata), marjoram with Shell (Origanum Majorana), or Ravintsara ( Cinnamomum Camphora). Finally, consider that a magnesium deficiency (unfortunately very common) is very disturbing to sleep. Complement yourself with a quality and bioavailable magnesium, associated with vitamin B6, over a period of at least two months and consider the effects. Product Coup de Coeur Novanuit triple action Sleep Labs Novasanté Sanofi is a food supplement for people who want to quickly find a quality sleep thanks to a triple action that allows relaxation, promotes Sleep and decreases night awakenings. Novanuit Triple Action Sleep melatonin Sources : magnesium-biodisponibilite/page-2.html

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