Sport and Gemmotherapy: The benefits of macerates glycerinated on athletes

Sport and Gemmotherapy: The benefits of macerates glycerinated on athletes
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Gémmothérapie is a recent branch of global herbal medicine. It uses buds and seedlings of trees and shrubs. The latter are prepared in fresh condition by direct maceration in water, glycerin and alcohol. The gemmotherapy acts on the whole body. It is mainly used to support and rebalance the dissolved functions: immunity, elimination, circulation, etc…

How does the Gémmothérapie work?

The buds are made of embryonic tissues that contain all the properties of the tree: it is a concentrate of vital energy. In fact, embryonic tissues contain a concentration of amino acids, phyto-hormones, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, SAP and nucleic acids. All the energy of the tree is therefore concentrated in the young shoots. The gemmotherapy responds to a wide range of daily ailments. It is a bit of a more structured version of a detox, to maintain a good functioning of the organism. It is used in the form of a cure, for the prevention of infectious diseases, for ageing, or for the standardization of Metabolic disorders.

Who can use the Gémmothérapie?

In general, there is no specific contraindication, macérâts are safe. The gemmotherapy can even be a good ally for the pregnant woman, for heavy leg problems, low energy, urinary discomfort and gastric disorders. In some cases, it can be used in the baby if there is a problem of falling asleep, gastric reflux or in children during exams, for example. Of course you have to respect the dosages that can vary slightly from one brand to another. The dosages of adults and children are also different. The macerates must finally be taken out of the meals, diluted in a little water if necessary.

How to use Gemmotherapy and Macerates glycerinated

The opinion of a competent health professional is not to be neglected in this kind of advice, especially to associate different buds. Macerates are used orally on an empty stomach, so outside meals is at least 15 minutes before a meal 1 to 3 times a day. The easiest way is to take the same dosage throughout the use of the same remedy. In general, for an adult, the dosages are 50 to 150 drops per day, one taken or divided into 3 doses per day.

Gemmotherapy and Sports Medicine

Gemmotherapy is also a particularly well suited therapy for athletes, for three reasons. First, gemmothérapeutiques drugs do not show contraindications, habituation, or side effects known to date, other than containing a small amount of alcohol. They are not on the list of doping products. They are therefore indicated in the management of general pathologies which are usually taken over by allopathic therapies which are sometimes banned and are included in the list of doping products. Second, gemmotherapy is well suited to acute pathologies that require rapid and effective treatment. Inflammatory pathologies and asthenia linked to the practice of sports fall within this framework, with for example Ribes Nigrum 1 Dh BgMg. Finally, the athlete is subjected in competition to stress and a certain psychological pressure, the gemmotherapy can provide an interesting answer in the management of mental disorders which can alter the sports performance. In allopathy, effective medications dealing with these dysfunctions exist (eg: benzodiazepines) and are not considered to be doping, but their side effects are major (drowsiness, psychic and physical dependence, tolerance) and Practitioner will prefer to avoid them as much as possible. For example: Ficus carica 1Dh BgMg. To discover: The macerates glycerinated of BIOGEMM Laboratories naturally help you to solve many health problems and to boost different sports performances such as breathing, Anti-ageing, joints, etc… For more information, feel free to ask for advice from your Naturopathic doctor or pharmacist…


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