What are the natural remedies to treat intestinal gas and bloating

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Bloating is manifested by swelling of the belly due to the accumulation of gas in the intestine or stomach. This gas mainly comes from the fermentation of certain foods (starchy, dried vegetables…) but also from the air swallowed, eating or chewing gum. It can also come from gases enclosed in certain foods that are released into the stomach. These intestinal gases can be evacuated involuntarily by burps or flatulence. Bloating is annoying and can last a few hours after a meal. They’re usually harmless. If they are common, they may be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome.

Treat intestinal bloating with herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is often used in cases of bloating. Peppermint, anise or fennel herbal teas at the end of the meal are advised to help with digestion. Fennel is very effective in controlling digestive disorders. It must be consumed preferably between meals, at your option:

  • In the form of seeds: 1 to 2 g of fennel, 3 times a day;
  • Infusion: 1-3 g dried seeds infused in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, 3 times daily;
  • In tincture: 5 to 15 ml 3 times daily;
  • In the form of essential oil: 0.1 to 0.6 ml per day.
  • As a food supplement: Arkocaps with fennel: 1gélule before meals in a large glass of water.

Mint tea is one of the most popular natural remedies, probably because it works very well for intestinal bloating and it tastes good. Pharmaprix’s Bio digestion infusion is, for example, a product we recommend to treat digestion problems effectively and in a natural way. Before the meal against gas and bloating, activated charcoal (or active charcoal) is also a very effective remedy. Carbogaz Capsules For example are a complex of natural assets to control bloating.

Curing gas and bloating with homeopathy

In case of bloating, homeopathy also offers solutions. The Carbo Vegetalis 5CH, or vegetable charcoal, gives good results at the rate of 3 homeopathic granules 30min to 1h before the meal. China Rubra 9h is recommended in case bloated and strained belly, at the rate of 5 granules 2 to 3 times a day. Nux Vomica or vomit nut is recommended for abdominal pain due to bloating at 5 granules 2 to 3 times per day.

Massaging your belly with essential oils

Massage in a clockwise direction your belly bloated with a little sweet almond oil mixed with 3 drops of caraway essential oil.

Use food supplements with lactic ferments

Probiotics are supplements that use bacterial strains found in the human intestine while prebiotics are foods that feed the intestinal flora to keep it healthy. Probiotics must be of very good quality and should be tested personally at least for a few days because each has a unique composition of bacteria in its intestine. A probiotic may very well suit one person but harm another, who will feel more bloated and may suffer from mild diarrhea. Prebiotics are to be consumed regularly but in moderation, to not excessively stimulate bacterial proliferation.
For more information do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice..

Our product coup de coeur

With the herbal Natura Fusion digestion, peppermint and fennel participate in the maintenance of good digestion, help to limit the intestinal gases and fight against the sensations of discomfort


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