Who are we?

Doctors in pharmacy for almost 10 years, it is of course that we turned to the soft medicines including aromatherapy (and the use of essential oils). Strong in our university course, we found in this science, coupling chemistry and botany, the natural balance of care for the pathologies and the well-being of the daily. We carry out the preparations in strict compliance with the BPP in order to ensure quality, safety and traceability at all manufacturing stages. All our raw materials come from French pharmaceutical laboratories complying with the AFSSAPS (GMP) standards. We guarantee delivery times of 6 to 24 hours depending on the region and the wholesaler.

ARNAUD COMAILLS Pharmacist Manager

Our pharmacists, training herbalists, have referenced plants from a rigorous selection, originating from around the world and produced according to a specific specification, in order to guarantee optimum quality in active principles for your preparations Herbal. We offer a range of more than 1,000 medicinal plant references, organic essential oils and organic vegetable oils. Our plants are not treated and their quality is controlled several times. Not from a mixture of different origins, each batch is of homogeneous quality and the care of drying and storage guarantees you impeccable quality. The constant renewal of the stock guarantees you a maximum freshness. Mailloles’s Pharmacy has selected 100% pure, natural botanically and biochemically defined (HEBBD) essential oils that are unmodified or diluted to make your masterful preparations in aromatherapy. Our suppliers all have the status of a pharmaceutical establishment, guaranteeing a maximum level of quality. We carry out all kinds of masterful preparations in naturopathy, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

  • Bulk therapeutic plants, blends on demand
  • Titled Powder Capsules (dried plant extracts)
  • Fluid extract of medicinal plants, fluid extracts of standardized plants: EPS of the Phytoprévent laboratory
  • Blends of essential oils and vegetable oils.
  • Gastro-resistant capsules, massage oils, gels, ointments, suppositories and ova with essential oils

One of our main suppliers of essential oil is the laboratory PHYTOSUN AROMS we propose to you in particular preparations in nutrient therapy, with bases of OROTATES

Care and nature Care and nature Care and Nature
Care and nature Care and nature Care and nature
Care and nature Care and nature Care and nature

Our preparatory is open from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 2pm to 6pm. Our entire team is listening to you for the manufacture of your masterful preparations.

  • Capsules:D Hea, melatonin, Pilocarpine CHL., Orotates (Orotate Ca, Orotate Fe, Orotate Mg, Orotate Li, Orotate K, Orotate Zn), etc.
  • Ointments, creams, emulsions with AC salicylic, AC. Lactic, metronidazole, retinoic acid (on presciption) etc.
  • Dosage adjustments in Pediatrics: Amiodarone capsules, omeprazole, nadolol, etc.
  • Veterinary Pharmacy: Dosage adjustment to the weight of your pet or livestock.
  • Potion (e.g. gummy julep) and various Solutions, syrups, lotions, suppositories, OVA.

For the elaboration of masterful preparations in the form of creams, ointments, lipolotions and hydrolotions, we mainly use the excipients of the Excipial laboratory. We propose to the prescribers a reminder of the different formulas, used in particular in dermatological preparation, presented on the website of the spiraling laboratory.

  Your specialist in masterful preparation, naturopathy, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.