In homeopathy, treatment consists of preventing and curing diseases by avoiding the use of aggressive treatments. It can be used both preventively, in order to limit so-called seasonal diseases, as well as curatively in order to treat more common ailments. Find our expert articles to advise and guide you through the various homeopathic treatments.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy comes in the form of drugs based on substances of plant, animal, mineral or chemical origin, several times diluted and energized. The latter is prescribed and advised by health professionals.

How to take homeopathic medicines ?

Homeopathic medicines are used in fields as varied as traumatology, anxiety disorders, ENT, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology … For a long time used in hospitals in obstetrics, they are also starting to be. in supportive care to help cancer patients cope better with the side effects of their treatments or their disease. Homeopathy is therefore a valuable asset for improving the quality of life. Today, many health professionals use the latter, considering that the different therapies are not opposed, but complement each other.

In what form is the homeopathic medicine?

It comes in the form of granules or globules presented in tubes and doses. They are taken orally, outside of the meal and are to be left to melt in the mouth. The granules are generally taken by 5, repeatedly during the day. The dose of globules must be taken entirely, at one time.

Who is homeopathy for?

Homeopathy is suitable for everyone! Homeopathic medicines are suitable as a first-line treatment for adults, the elderly and children. And often doctors and midwives prescribe them for pregnant women and babies. Health professionals will be able to direct you to the right treatment. Find all our advice from naturopaths and experts on the Soin et Nature blog. For specific information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form.

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