Discover our organic veterinary care tips and advice online for the use of veterinary products for your pets.

The Soin et Nature blog has dedicated a “ Veterinary ” category to our animal friends. Here we offer specific articles on the care of pets through natural treatments .

Why use natural treatments for our pets?

The natural medicines can help your pet to alleviate several diseases and to stimulate its immune defenses .

The main advantage of using alternative medicines for veterinary use is that they can treat many ailments in a natural way without going through chemical treatments that can have harmful side effects or be or invasive .

Keep in mind that, in more serious situations , your animal may need additional examinations (blood test, scanner, ultrasound, etc.) or surgical interventions which remain the specialty of veterinary medicine. .

In short, alternative medicines are very indicated and effective in the fight against certain chronic diseases but, in cases of emergency , you should always consult a professional veterinary surgeon . In addition, some illnesses (such as a serious heart condition) require drug treatment .

What are the benefits of alternative medicine for animals?

Pretty much the same as for humans! They strengthen the animal’s body and stimulate its defenses to help it heal itself, rather than masking the symptoms.

They avoid the use of potentially toxic substances such as antibiotics, corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory drugs as much as possible. Animals are even more sensitive to it than humans.

Alternatives to traditional medicine

The alternative medicine and Western medicine can in most cases be quite beneficial in synergy ! A natural product can often be administered in addition to a drug (always under the advice and supervision of a professional). Natural approaches can also often promote the effectiveness of drug treatment .

What to find in this section?

You will find in this category a lot of practical and simple advice , on diet and natural remedies , for a pet (dog, cat, ferret) in good health.

Healthy lifestyle, diet, illnesses… This category provides all the information you need to take care of your domestic animals in a natural way . In preventive as in curative.

Our readers will know everything about natural medicines : phytotherapy , gemmotherapy aromatherapy , homeopathy , flower essences … and will learn how to treat the most frequent ailments: ticks, mycoses, bites, osteoarthritis, vomiting…

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