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How to take care of yourself naturally? For each pathology, the naturopaths of the Soin et Nature blog give you information validated on the various natural treatments possible. Health articles, written by professionals, dedicated to good food practices. From the use of food supplements to that of essential oils, through homeopathy. Our specialists answer your questions in the comments of the various articles.

How to take food supplements?

Dietary supplements, allies of choice, to improve your health when properly used. What are the main complements? Which ones to choose? For whom and how to use them? What are the risks ? You will find all the answers to these questions in the articles of the Soin et Nature blog dedicated to ” Dietary Supplements “.

How to use herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine or, how to treat with plants? Whether to help you sleep better or as a slimming asset, all of the medicinal plants, which represent the phytotherapy , can relieve daily ailments naturally. This alternative and complementary solution of the classic medicine is back to the taste of the day and its effectiveness is more and more recognized. Feel free to browse the corresponding category for more information.

Homeopathy in question on the Soin et Nature blog

Homeopathy is about preventing and curing diseases by avoiding the use of side-effect treatments. It can be used both preventively, in order to limit so-called seasonal diseases, and in a curative way in order to cure the most common conditions. Find our expert articles to advise you and guide you in the various homeopathic treatments.

The place of essential oils

Scientifically recognized and dating from ancient civilizations, essential oils are natural extracts of powerful plants. They are remarkably effective in the areas of health, beauty and well-being. In a combination of many, aromatic synergies can be created whose merits and attributes meet targeted needs. The naturopaths of the Soin et Nature blog tell you more about the son of their articles.

Experts at your service

A team of pharmacists and naturopaths to advise and guide you to guide you to the most appropriate treatment for you. Find articles by Arnaud , Emmanuel , Marie , Célia and Delphine L. every week on our blog.

Brown spots above the upper lip: How to get rid of them

It is possible to develop brown spots around the mouth. Often called‘melasma’, pregnancy mask or hyperpigmentation, these marks can be caused by a variety of factors: age, hormonal changes, sun damage allergens or the use of irritating products. How does melasma develop? Studies have shown that melanocytes (the cells that colour our skin) are hyperactive ... Read more

Herbal tea of ​​the month for February: Promote respiratory comfort

Soin et Nature has selected for you the respiratory comfort herbal tea to support your respiratory system to spend a serene season. Ideal for getting through the winter in good health, it helps you stand up to intruders who attack the mucous membranes during cold and wet periods. It is composed of thyme, eucalyptus, wild thyme and elderberry. Why is it important ... Read more

Are Omega 3s important for health?

If you are concerned about your heart health, eating a minimum of two portions of fish per week may have a beneficial influence on the risk of heart disease. What is Omega 3? Oily fish contains unsaturated fats which are called fatty acids or Omega 3. In fact, these Omega 3 fatty acids may be ... Read more

Goliate breaks into the eco-friendly sex toy world

GOLIATE is recognized  for its commitment to quality, ethics and the environment in the manufacture of its erotic products. Since its creation, GOLIATE has strived to offer innovative products that meet the requirements of its customers while respecting the environment. By using noble materials and favoring local players, GOLIATE has been able to make a ... Read more

Valentine’s Day: How to tremendously increase your pleasure?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14 February. It is a time to celebrate love, affection and fun between people. It is common for couples to exchange gifts and greeting cards and to spend time together to celebrate their love. In addition, Valentine’s Day is also seen as an opportunity for people to focus ... Read more

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with awareness?

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the love you have for your partner, but it can often be associated with expensive gifts, over-consumption and to stress. That’s why it can be beneficial to celebrate Valentine’s Day in mindfulnessby taking the time to connect with yourself and your partner in a deep and authentic way. ... Read more

What are the benefits of Psyllium?

Psyllium is an annual herbaceous plant of the Plantaginaceae family, native to India and Persia. Its seedsits seeds, rich in mucilage, have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for their numerous health benefits. Psyllium is now widely used as a dietary supplement for its laxative properties, but it can also be beneficial for heart ... Read more

New at Herbalgem: buds in gummies

Herbalgem is a master in its field: the gemmotherapy. For the uninitiated, it is a practice aimed at taking advantage of the benefits of plants. For this, their buds are used, from which the active ingredients are extracted by maceration. Usually, the finished product is an elixir. This is drunk with a precise dosage to ... Read more

Don’t hesitate to give your dog probiotics!

The probiotics have proven their effectiveness on human intestinal flora. What about your pet? As with humans, the health of your pet digestive health depends on the good balance of its intestinal flora. Probiotics have shown beneficial effects on the stabilisation of this flora, both in the human diet and in that of our companions. ... Read more

How to gain muscle quickly?

Would you like to building muscle to feel better in your daily life as quickly as possible? No problem. However, like everything else, to build muscle you have to make an effort and change your habits. Gaining muscle is not easy, but it is rather simple when you have a good plan of action, food ... Read more

A skin that stands up to all tests

The skin is the superficial envelope of our body. It is exposed daily to various aggressions from both inside and outside the body. The vagaries of time, allergiesthere are many factors that can lead to the development of skin problems: redness, pimples, inflammation, etc. Faced with this, it is advisable to find suitable care products ... Read more