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Pharmacy Care and NATURE

1st Bio Pharmacy online specializing in natural remedies

Your specialist in masterful preparation, naturopathy, herbal medicine and aromatherapy

The first organic online pharmacy specialising in natural remedies, Mailloles’s pharmacy is diposed Ars accreditations for masterful preparations and the sale of medicines online. The Care and Nature blog you will find on our blog all our tips in soft medicines and wellness tips. You will discover the review of our latest ranges of cosmetics and products of parapharmacy, food supplements, and can follow our health advice. Feel free to share your experience with us!

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Care and nature Care and nature Care and Nature
Care and nature Care and nature Care and nature
Care and nature Care and nature Care and nature
Masterful preparations and certified pharmacy Ars Care and Nature is an organic pharmacy specialising in the preparation of medicinal plants. It offers a wide range of essential oils products, herbal teas, etc. Capsules, suppositories and OVA are all personalized formulas that you can order to ensure the balance of your body’s functioning.  If you often feel fatigue, you can use liquid mixtures of EPS PhytPrevent, as massage oil.   About Us

Doctors in pharmacy for almost 10 years, it is of course that we turned to the soft medicines including aromatherapy (and the use of essential oils). Strong in our university course, we found in this science, coupling chemistry and botany, the natural balance of care for the pathologies and the well-being of the daily.

We carry out the preparations in strict compliance with the BPP in order to ensure quality, safety and traceability at all manufacturing stages. All our raw materials come from French pharmaceutical laboratories complying with the AFSSAPS (GMP) standards. We guarantee delivery times of 6 to 24 hours depending on the region and the wholesaler.

ARNAUD COMAILLS Pharmacist Manager

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