Do you like to take care of your skin and you don’t always know which natural products to choose? This section is made for you, organic cosmetics advisers are there to help you.

Cosmetics to take care of your body

First of all, let’s start with the definition of the word cosmetic , this one corresponds to all non-medicinal preparations intended for the care of the body, the toilet, the beauty. For centuries men and women have had the need to seduce and show off. Beauty criteria have changed a lot from year to year.

In ancient times , a lot of pigment was used to color your lips and eyelids. Donkey milk was already famous for taking care of his skin. A white complexion, blond Venissian hair with henna-dyed eyebrows to darken them was in vogue.

Then came the Middle Ages , at that time hygiene was left aside to focus on perfumes. Skin, teeth and hands had to be white to be fashionable. Make-up is gaining momentum to showcase itself.

Since the 21st century , consumers have been much more wary of beauty products and prefer to go natural. The organic products without controversial substance are topical for taking care of yourself.

In this section you will find articles written by experts in organic cosmetics. To be able to better understand your skin type, or even hair type, in order to choose the best treatment suited to your needs.

Better understand the needs of the skin

There are different types of skin, dry, oily, combination or even normal skin. What are the differences ?

  • Normal skin:

The term “normal skin” means skin without any particular problem, balanced skin. Skin that is neither oily nor dry.

  • Dry skin:

Dry skin produces less sebum, so it is deficient. It is in fact necessary to provide it with lipids. So that it is stronger in the face of external aggressions. This one looks torn, rough and dull.

  • Combination skin:

Combination skin is the mixture of two types of skin. We have dry skin with the oily T zone.

  • Oily skin:

Oily skin refers to skin that produces excess sebum. This is visible through these dilated pores and a highlight of the epidermis.

You should not confuse skin types and skin conditions, the health of your skin varies a lot throughout life. External factors must be taken into account such as the climate, tobacco, stress …

To choose its natural products, you must take into account the type of skin and skin conditions you suffer from. In skin conditions we find the so-called mature skin, dehydrated skin and finally that which is sensitive. These are all the points to take into account when choosing your beauty products. It can also adapt to the scalp.

How to compose your beauty routine?

A beauty routine is a set of care and actions to be applied in a precise order, to heal and beautify. This will allow you to sublimate your skin day after day.

Morning beauty routine: For this you must always start by cleaning well, whether it is your skin or your hair, it is the basis! Choose a make-up remover (milk, oil, water…) then a cleanser (gel, milk, foam, etc.) to have healthy skin before applying care.

Then, apply a lotion that will tone your skin, then
apply your serum that will treat the condition of your skin (moisturizer, anti-aging, etc.) and around the eyes. Finish with a simple day cream that will help protect your skin. You can supplement with sunscreen.

Beauty routine for the evening: This is the same routine except that the day cream is exchanged for a night cream which will be much more suitable for treating your skin. Because the skin regenerates at night and takes the time to absorb all the necessary active ingredients. You can also remove the sunscreen, it will not be necessary!

Remember to make a mask and a scrub once or twice a week. I will now let you read the different articles that will help you get to know our organic cosmetic products better for natural beauty.