The role of food in the risk of drug interactions

A drug interaction occurs when one or more effects of a drug are modified by another product. This interaction can occur with a food (grapefruit juice, liquorice), a drink (coffee or alcohol), a dietary supplement (the case of St John’s wort and turmeric) or smoking. In this article, we explore the different types of effects … Read more

5 detox tips after the holidays

Champagnethe holidays are often high in calories. So now it’s time to take charge of your life by getting back to a healthy lifestyle, thanks to our 5 detox tips after the holidays. Detox” mode consists of cleansing your body of the excesses accumulated during the festive season. Indeed, with their high alcohol, fat and … Read more

Herbal tea of ​​the month for November: Boost your immunity

The immune system helps maintain the integrity of the organism by excluding foreign constituents. Immunity is the ability of an organism to defend itself against any aggression from the external environment (bacteria, virus, fungus, antigen). In autumn and winter, immunity weakens leaving the field free for any type of virus spreading like wildfire, thus becoming a major public health … Read more

The herbal tea of ​​the month of October: Maintain joint comfort

The joint discomfort is often due to chronic diseases , and usually slow and progressive evolution, where medicinal plants can have an interesting role. Preventive vis-à-vis the development of this type of disease, the reinforcement of the cartilage promotes patient comfort and reduces pain . There are many effective active ingredients, but their use requires precautions. What is joint discomfort? In the physiological … Read more

The herbal tea of ​​the month of September: Regulate your blood pressure

The hypertension is characterized by an abnormally high pressure of the blood on the walls of arteries. Under stress or during physical exertion, it is normal for blood pressure to rise. But in people with hypertension, blood pressure remains high at all times, even at rest or in the absence of stress. What is high blood pressure? Arterial hypertension is a disease whose frequency … Read more

Regain joint comfort with gemmotherapy

As we enter a critical period for the body and the maintenance of our well-being, we are all looking for a natural solution to stay in shape. Have you considered the benefits of gemmotherapy ? It is a medicine that is still unknown to all, although it is a gentle source of well-being, contributing to … Read more

Multiple sclerosis and alternative treatment strategies

Nervous system disorders and multiple sclerosis The multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune neurological disease of the central nervous system. A dysfunction of the immune system leads to lesions causing motor, sensory, cognitive, visual or even sphincter disturbances (most often urinary and intestinal). In the more or less long term, these disorders can however progress towards an irreversible … Read more

The Tilleul, the image of majesty and opulence

Legend says that it was the leaf of a heart-shaped linden tree that landed on Siegfried ‘s back , the only vulnerable place in his body after he bathed in the blood of the vanquished dragon ( saga of the Nibelungen ). The genus Tilia includes many species and hybrids. More than 100 taxa have been counted for these lime trees, some of … Read more

The Elderberry, the purgative tree-medicine several thousand years old

The Elderberry, the purgative tree-medicine several thousand years old

Many of these vernacular names reflect one of the unique characteristics of the elderberry; that is to say the slight acidity of its fruits, which is usually expressed by the adjective sour . This, it seems, did not relieve the prehistoric populations, since many stations dating from the Bronze Age, then from the Iron, revealed the presence of deposits of … Read more