Spoil your mother on Mother’s Day

We would like to celebrate Mum every day if we could. Indeed, a mother is so much love and tenderness! Even as children, we took the initiative to share moments of love on her birthday by offering her happy breakfasts accompanied by sweet poems and big hugs. Unfortunately, as the years go by, we lack … Read more

Night terrors: what are they?

A good night’s sleep makes for a good day. But for some people, the night can be a time of unpleasant events. Nightmares? Worse… night terrors. Phenomena that seem to be paranormal. But behind this astonishing manifestation lies a completely scientific explanation. Nightmare or night terror According to the Larousse dictionary, night terrors are parasomnias. … Read more

Homeopathy in childbirth and postpartum

Homeopathy to facilitate childbirth and lactation problems

The use of homeopathic medicines, suitably chosen according to their pathogenetic symptoms, makes it possible to facilitate labour, prevent immediate complications of childbirth, as well as treat lactation problems and restore a good general condition. Which homeopathic treatment to choose to facilitate the labor of childbirth? We will eliminate from this article all the mechanical … Read more

Homeopathic help in vomiting during pregnancy

Homeopathic help in vomiting during pregnancy

Vomiting during the first three months of pregnancy represents a pathology most often banal, but uncomfortable for the pregnant woman . In some cases, this vomiting can be uncontrollable, resulting in severe dehydration and malnutrition that require strict isolation and parenteral nutrition in a hospital setting. Most of the time, nausea and vomiting are frequent , with characteristic modalities: aggravation by active or … Read more

Future mother and breastfeeding – Why choose to breastfeed your baby?

Allaitement-Pourquoi choisir d'allaiter son bébé

Breastfeeding is a gift that every mom should be able to give her baby. A natural and generous act that will allow the baby to be closer to his mother, and thus discover the life that is offered to him in the best possible conditions, with gentleness and serenity. Unfortunately, some women cannot breastfeed due to physiological causes: malformations of the … Read more

Nuk, a range specialized in the comfort of toddlers

Nuk, a range specialized in the comfort of toddlers

Baby is coming soon and so that he is satisfied from his first days, you deploy yourself to find the best for your little one. You probably have everything you need when it comes to baby furniture and clothes, but have you thought of Nuk bottles and pacifiers ? In childcare sites and dedicated stores; you find yourself in front of a wide choice of … Read more

Teething in infants? Have the reflex of homeopathy!

In infants or young children, teething can lead to a number of local or general incidents. On the local level We can sometimes observe: Pericoronitis with inflammation of the mucous membrane, hypersalivation and repercussions on character (agitation, insomnia). There may even be suppuration. Gingivitis . A follicular cyst with swelling of the gingival margin. Borax : We are in the presence of … Read more

100% natural nappies to take care of baby’s skin

100% natural nappies to take care of baby's skin

Today more than ever, using healthy products is essential. But if we do it while respecting nature , it’s even better! Moreover, the childcare industry is also committed to this. Liniments , mild soaps, anti-crust oils and wipes… care and hygiene products for babies are getting into the natural world to not only respect baby’s fragile skin, but also preserve the planet . And what could … Read more

Opt for the advantages of the ergonomic pacifier

Opt for the advantages of the ergonomic pacifier

For young parents, choosing childcare items is a real headache. Particularly when the question of the baby pacifier arises. It is well known, the tutute is debated. Some advocating its benefits for baby’s self-soothing and others accusing it, among other things, of compromising breast-feeding . But, with the invention of the ergonomic baby pacifier and all its advantages , the two clans seem to have finally found a compromise. Care and Nature … Read more

How to cure a baby’s cold with aromatherapy?

How to treat a baby’s cold? The rhinovirus (HVR = Human Rhino Virus) was discovered in the 1950s. The etiological agents (pathogens) put forward are those of the common cold with respiratory tropism. This virus grows in the nasal passages and generally circulates in all countries and all year round. Children are the main reservoir of HRV, however, it should … Read more

Phytotherapy and viral rash diseases in young children

Phytotherapy and viral rash diseases in young children

In the majority of cases, infantile eruptive fevers correspond to exanthematous viroses , or even to bacterial etiologies. Much less frequently, these eruptive fevers are the first manifestations of a potentially more severe condition. Viral rash diseases in children Measles : This infection is caused by a morbillivirus of the Paramyxoviridae family . Its only reservoir is indeed the man suffering from the infection, even asymptomatic. The … Read more

Reflux, colic, allergy… which formula to choose?

Reflux, colic, allergy ... how to choose milk formula?

The very first breastfeed of a newborn is always an exceptional moment, whether it is breast milk or formula. This first feed stimulates both bowel movement and the maturation of her entire gastrointestinal system . But like many other parts of the human body, the gastrointestinal tract is not fully mature at birth. And while his body is well equipped … Read more