Sex during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of hormonal and emotional changes that raise many questions about your sex life. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? In this article, we’ll look at the safety of sex during pregnancy and how sexuality can evolve over the trimesters. Find out the answers to your questions and tips for … Read more

10 essential homeopathic remedies for baby

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that is gaining in popularity, especially among parents concerned about their babies’ health. The 10 essential homeopathic remedies for babies can be used to treat various health problems naturally and without harmful side effects. In this article, we’ll explore these remedies and guide you through their specific applications. … Read more

How can I relieve the aches and pains associated with breastfeeding?

L’allaitement est un processus naturel et merveilleux, mais il peut souvent s’accompagner de certains inconforts. Comment ces désagréments peuvent-ils être atténués, en particulier avec des solutions pratiques et astuces ? Quels sont les inconforts communs pendant l’allaitement ? L’allaitement, bien qu’essentiel et naturel, peut parfois entraîner des inconforts et des douleurs pour la mère. Ces … Read more

How can I avoid a pregnancy mask?

Pregnancy mask, also known as melasma, is a pigmentation problem that can occur during pregnancy. It is characterised by the appearance of dark spots on the face, particularly on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Although this condition may be harmless and often temporary, it can cause anxiety and dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. So how can … Read more

Anti-ageing skincare routine for pregnant women

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time in a woman’s life. However, the hormonal changes that occur can affect your skinmaking it more prone to dryness, pigmentation spots and premature ageing. Our guide to the “anti-ageing skincare routine for pregnant women” will give you expert advice on how to keep your skin looking radiant … Read more

Here are some solutions for back pain during pregnancy

Back pain is one of the most common complaints experienced by pregnant women. Lack of nutrients (magnesium in particular), lack of physical activity, health problems… There are many possible causes. But in the majority of cases, back pain is linked to weight gain during foetal development. Whatever the case, in this article we give you … Read more

Signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of profound change and a unique experience in a woman’s life. It marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey in which two lives are intimately linked. During this period, the woman’s body undergoes major transformations to welcome and nurture a new life. These changes, although essential, can be accompanied by a … Read more

Massage to care for babies

Massage is in fact a very relaxing and special tactile exchange that has many benefits. Both for ourselves and for babies. As far as babies are concerned, massage helps them to gain weight, reduces stress, stimulates blood circulation and contributes to the quality of their sleep… What’s more, massage is an additional opportunity for your … Read more

Night terrors: what are they?

A good night’s sleep makes for a good day. But for some people, the night can be a time of unpleasant events. Nightmares? Worse… night terrors. Phenomena that seem to be paranormal. But behind this astonishing manifestation lies a completely scientific explanation. Nightmare or night terror According to the Larousse dictionary, night terrors are parasomnias. … Read more

Pregnant in the middle of summer: Instructions for use

Summer, with its sunny days and high temperatures, brings joy and vitality. However, for pregnant women, this season can present specific challenges. With the physiological changes of pregnancy come special needs, especially in the heat of summer. In this article, we look at some essential strategies for making the most of this delicate period. We’ll … Read more