Herbal tea of ​​the month for February: Promote respiratory comfort

Soin et Nature has selected for you the respiratory comfort herbal tea to support your respiratory system to spend a serene season. Ideal for getting through the winter in good health, it helps you stand up to intruders who attack the mucous membranes during cold and wet periods. It is composed of thyme, eucalyptus, wild thyme and elderberry. Why is it important … Read more

Valentine’s Day: How to tremendously increase your pleasure?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14 February. It is a time to celebrate love, affection and fun between people. It is common for couples to exchange gifts and greeting cards and to spend time together to celebrate their love. In addition, Valentine’s Day is also seen as an opportunity for people to focus … Read more

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with awareness?

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the love you have for your partner, but it can often be associated with expensive gifts, over-consumption and to stress. That’s why it can be beneficial to celebrate Valentine’s Day in mindfulnessby taking the time to connect with yourself and your partner in a deep and authentic way. … Read more

What are the benefits of Psyllium?

Psyllium is an annual herbaceous plant of the Plantaginaceae family, native to India and Persia. Its seedsits seeds, rich in mucilage, have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for their numerous health benefits. Psyllium is now widely used as a dietary supplement for its laxative properties, but it can also be beneficial for heart … Read more

New at Herbalgem: buds in gummies

Herbalgem is a master in its field: the gemmotherapy. For the uninitiated, it is a practice aimed at taking advantage of the benefits of plants. For this, their buds are used, from which the active ingredients are extracted by maceration. Usually, the finished product is an elixir. This is drunk with a precise dosage to … Read more

How to gain muscle quickly?

Would you like to building muscle to feel better in your daily life as quickly as possible? No problem. However, like everything else, to build muscle you have to make an effort and change your habits. Gaining muscle is not easy, but it is rather simple when you have a good plan of action, food … Read more

A skin that stands up to all tests

The skin is the superficial envelope of our body. It is exposed daily to various aggressions from both inside and outside the body. The vagaries of time, allergiesthere are many factors that can lead to the development of skin problems: redness, pimples, inflammation, etc. Faced with this, it is advisable to find suitable care products … Read more

How to get back to a balanced diet after the holidays

The best end-of-year celebrations are mainly associated with good food and a well-stocked table. Foie gras, salmon, logs, chocolate, champagne… The temptations are such that it is indeed a bit difficult to maintain a certain dietary balance. However, did you know that this culinary madness lasting about ten days, which often degenerates into a real … Read more

How to avoid post-holiday blues?

Some people love the festive season, purchasesthe preparation of the packages giftssome people love the festive season, preparing the packages, putting up the decorations … while others dread the arrival of the Christmas holidays, the long dinners, the stress, the confrontation with the family … . There is a lot of talk about the end-of-year … Read more