Dietary supplement

Dietary supplements and nutritional supplements are becoming more widespread and used in the health field. What do they contain? Can they be dangerous? How to use them for your health?

What are food supplements?

Food supplements can be used to improve well-being. They are useful in certain situations, if they are well chosen and consumed sparingly. Indeed, it is not a question of replacing the daily diet, but simply of completing it and filling in its nutritional deficiencies. Deficiencies due to the fact that it is quite difficult to find all the nutrients that our body needs in the current diet. They serve to remedy these nutritional imbalances and provide vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other elements that are essential and guarantee a better state of form.

In what forms are dietary supplements found?

Food supplements that you find in pharmacies are present in different forms: tablets, capsules, capsules or simply powder or liquid form, dietary supplements can be presented in different ways and have different objectives, similar or complementary.

Who are the dietary supplements intended for?

Everyone is likely to be able to take dietary supplements, however, before buying dietary supplements online, make sure they are natural supplements that comply with French standards. Also check the composition of your food supplements; that the capsules are vegetable; if it is a natural complement and not artificial? The recommended dosage … and if the supplementation contains only the main active ingredient sought or if it is mixed.

What are the risks of taking dietary supplements?

Taking dietary supplements carries some risks, for example, they should not replace the daily intake of food, but supplement them. It is also advisable to follow the dosage indicated on the box, taking too little will have no effect and taking too much may cause adverse effects. They can, for the most part, interact with each other, or even with certain drugs. These interactions must be taken seriously to avoid possible serious consequences. Do not practice self-medication and talk to your doctor if you are not sure.

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