How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with awareness?

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the love you have for your partner, but it can often be associated with expensive gifts, over-consumption and to stress. That’s why it can be beneficial to celebrate Valentine’s Day in mindfulnessby taking the time to connect with yourself and your partner in a deep and authentic way. … Read more

5 detox tips after the holidays

Champagnethe holidays are often high in calories. So now it’s time to take charge of your life by getting back to a healthy lifestyle, thanks to our 5 detox tips after the holidays. Detox” mode consists of cleansing your body of the excesses accumulated during the festive season. Indeed, with their high alcohol, fat and … Read more

What natural remedies for digestion after Christmas?

Foie gras, turkey in sauce, cheese and butter log with assorted fine chocolates, a cocktail that is a blast for our digestion. After the festivities, it is very common to suffer from digestive heaviness, bloating, intestinal disturbances, liver attacks… Here are some preventive tips to treat yourself naturally and effectively during the festive period.. How … Read more

Evening herbal tea

Your dinner is over, the table is cleared and the last tasks of the day completed. The fireplace crackles gently and you’re ready to enjoy your evening. What could be more enjoyable than a moment of relaxation and taste with a herbal tea? Autumn is the perfect time to resume this habit that can be … Read more

Natural treatments to help acne sufferers

About 9% of the world’s population has acne. Although it does not, at first sight, present a serious risk to general health, acne can nevertheless be very painful. Depending on its severity, it can be painful, both physically and psychologically. The scars caused by a strong inflammatory response can be very difficult to reduce: ‘Prevention … Read more

Wasp stings, self-healing with natural methods

Wasps belong to the order Hymenoptera. Endowed with a sting, they also belong to the suborder of the Apocrites. In wasps, females, i.e. workers and queens, can sting. Species that compete with humans in their foraging also sting occasionally. In reality these insects bite especially to defend themselves against other hymenoptera, for example when they … Read more

5 simple everyday actions to take care of your liver

Naturopathic tips for taking care of your liver

A veritable chemical powerhouse of our body, the liver performs hundreds of functions and its optimal functioning is one of the pillars of our health. Constantly in high demand, we have every interest in taking care of our liver on a daily basis. Simple gestures can contribute in particular. To drink a lot of water Sufficient hydration is essential to allow … Read more

Natural solutions for painful periods

Natural solutions for painful periods

During their menstrual cycles, some women experience unpleasant or even painful symptoms. However, “having your period” should not be synonymous with suffering , the individual terrain partly explains this inequality in the face of the natural cycle of women. Lifestyle and diet are factors that aggravate or, on the contrary, promote comfort during these periods. Finally, our thoughts and our emotions also have … Read more

Spring energy

spring detox is now

Spring is already here… Have you noticed it? Listen to the playful discussions of the sparrows, lean over and watch the vegetation change carefully, but surely. Our almond trees are already adorned with their flowers, the first buds are conscientiously growing, and gently, with muffled steps, nature emerges from its winter torpor. And you ? What’s going on inside … Read more

An alternative approach in epilepsy

Nervous system disorders and epilepsy Still called “mal comitial” or “comitialité”, epilepsy is a very common neurological disorder which affects approximately 50 million people worldwide. It is the second neurological pathology in France after Alzheimer’s disease. There is not an epilepsy , but many forms, with very diverse manifestations, depending on the area of ​​the brain concerned. Epileptic seizures are caused … Read more

Plants and headaches, a good therapeutic approach

Nervous system disorders and headache The headaches are pain in the cranial region. They are one of the most frequent reasons for consultation. Also called “headaches” or “cephalalgia”, they have very varied and more or less serious causes (head trauma, hypertensive outbreak, stroke, taking certain medications, etc.) They are mainly due to the activation of receptors sensitive to pain. … Read more