Alvadiem, skin expert

60 years have passed since the beginnings of Alvadiem, skin expert, in Lambesc. Obviously the brand has grown a little, but without ever betraying its history or its convictions. Alvadiem has remained faithful to France. Because when it comes to cosmetics, “made in France” is a given…

Products formulated near you

In fact, it all started with an idea, inspired by you. It was then studied by their team in the Ile-de-France and developed in the South. Furthermore, this idea was then validated by tests in Gironde. Finally, it was certified by a security expert in Brittany.
Later on, this sketch will be packaged in the East before taking place in your bathrooms, surgeries and offices.
In short, it is a real French production line!

Recyclable and French containers

Indeed, Alvadiem works with local players for everything concerning tubes, bottles and roll-ons.
80% of their packaging is French. The rest comes from neighbouring countries!
Partners more than suppliers with whom the brand shares human and environmental values as well as an eco-responsible commitment.
Note that their tube supplier is a family business with over 60 years of expertise and is located on the French side of Lake Geneva.


From the beginning, Alvadiem has chosen naturalness: bees, plants and flowers. This is Alvadiem’s trademark: to offer formulas with 95% of ingredients of natural origin and designed to provide a genuine dermatological solution.
To achieve this, Alvadiem studies the specific needs of the epidermis in the face of targeted pathologies. In addition, the brand carefully selects each of its active ingredients according to their actions.
A search for effectiveness without compromising on naturalness!

Safe formulas for the whole family’s skin

A fan of natural dermocosmetics, Alvadiem is demanding about the quality and safety of its formulas.
Indeed, the design of each of their products is governed by a development charter where nothing is left to chance.
In fact, it includes specific formulation constraints, the choice of organic raw materials with impeccable traceability, and the blacklisting of certain ingredients that are superfluous or not suitable for sensitive skin.

Safe formulas to naturally and effectively meet the needs of dry and sensitive skin of the whole family.

Alvadiem and podiatry

In 1986, the brand met a chiropodist. This is how they developed their first foot care product: Dry Foot Balm.

Since then, Alvadiem has forged strong links with the profession. As a true partner of podiatry, Alvadiem’s mission is to highlight the role of chiropodists. It also supports them in raising public awareness of the importance of foot health. This commitment is illustrated on a daily basis by information campaigns, press coverage and solid partnerships…

Elodie, Naturopath & Paleo coach

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