How to use a baby nosepiece?

Tips for using the baby nose device

With the onset of cold seasons , adults are not alone in battling small seasonal viruses. Our children , especially the youngest, catch a cold one after another. We estimate that toddlers have an average of 8 cold episodes per winter , which is indeed huge! This situation is due to the fact that their defense mechanism lacks potency and immune response . As a result, they struggle to fight against the virus that spreads in the atmosphere, especially in winter . We want to reassure you: these little disappointments contribute to thematuration of their immune system . In addition, these moments will help them later to better fight against more consequent worries. This article will help you use and choose the right nosepiece for your child.

Steps to treat childhood colds

Although a baby’s cold is common and remains mild , it is nonetheless bothersome . As much for him as for you, this situation can become unbecoming . Certain usual behaviors should be adopted at the bedside of your child: such as taking his temperature regularly … It is also essential to keep his nose clear so that he can eat better and sleep better and thus recover quickly.. Indeed, when a baby’s nose is blocked, it is difficult for him to breathe, to eat properly and to get a good night’s sleep. The fatigue caused is harmful to your health as well as to yours.

Clean your nasal passages

If you’ve ever tried cleaning a baby’s nose , you know how difficult , time- consuming and frustrating it can be . Your pediatrician may explain how the bulb syringe that is supposed to suck up the mucus works , it does not work as well as you expect. And although saline pods are effective , they are often insufficient to support your toddler to breathe peacefully .

Fortunately, the fly-baby is a great way to help babies and children who do not yet mastered the art of nose. By sucking up the mucus , this device effectively clears their nasal passages . There are three types of baby flies : the manual pear -type baby nozzle , the manual pipette baby nozzle and the electric baby nozzle .

Tips for using the baby nose device

Before using a fly-baby , it is recommended to clean previously the nose of your child with a saline or a nasal spray . ProRhinel Spray Infants-Young Children facilitates the evacuation of phlegm and infectious agents and reduces nasal obstruction . This product frees the nose for better breathing and facilitates the use of the nasal aspirator.

Place baby on his back and keep his head on the side, then gently insert the end of the nosepiece into the upper nostril . Then all you need to do is spray gently on the nozzle for 2-3 seconds . The softer your gestures, the more peaceful your baby will be. If the product comes out through the other nostril , it’s won! Repeat on the other nostril after changing the position of the head.

The baby nose aspirator

If you have a baby fly by oral suction , know that it has a filter that prevents the nasal secretions to reach your mouth. The PRORHINEL nasal aspirator + 2 flexible disposable tips , for example, contains individually wrapped tips fitted with an absorbent filter that retains mucus . With this device, you have the power to control the suction force . Wash your hands, lay the child down on a changing table, and elevate their head . Place the mouthpiece in your mouth: the small bead allows you tohold the bit between your teeth . Place the nasal nozzle in one of baby’s nostrils and gently suck. The secretions will collect in the reservoir.

The refillable mouthpiece

The GIFRER Baby Nosepiece + 10 tips , meanwhile, is a refillable mouthpiece with 4 additional disposable tips. With extra-flexible foam filters , their anatomical shape adapts to baby’s nostrils and provides optimal comfort. Safe and effective, it gently removes nasal phlegm thanks to its light suction. Insert a new nosepiece into the device. Still in the same position as when using the spray, place the end of the mouthpiece in one of baby’s nostrils and gently suck. Repeat the same operation for the other nostrilthen detach the nosepiece and throw it away after use . If the mouthpiece is full before complete aspiration of both nostrils, remove nasal secretions with a tissue by blowing into the mouthpiece or use a new mouthpiece .

The electric baby nasal aspirator

Parents tend to favor the electric model over textbooks. As the name suggests, it works with the help of batteries or cells and provides a much more powerful suction means than the others. It often comes with a transparent storage system so you can see how much mucus is being extracted. Some, like the Babydoo Electronic Mx One Baby Fly , even have an automatic physiological saline diffuser. This option will allow you to diffuse with a simple gesture and automatically a saline solution andsimultaneously aspirate nasal secretions . Turn on the baby nose device , then position the silicone tip in the nostril to be treated. Leave the Babydoo to act for about 5 to 10 seconds depending on the condition of the congestion . You can repeat this operation as many times as necessary .

Used correctly, baby flies are completely safe and harmless . Whichever model you choose from us, be sure to read the instructions carefully . These describe all the precautions to be taken as well as the frequencies of use.

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