How to choose your mouthwash?

We are all , one day, subject to minor oral discomforts such as a canker sore irritated gums tooth sensitivity or bad breath . You will understand that a bright smile and fresh breath go through healthy teeth . To achieve this, strict oral hygiene is essential. What if mouthwash was the solution ?!

Under no circumstances can mouthwash replace tooth brushing . However, it effectively complements the action of brushing . We find them everywhere, in pharmacies and drugstores or in supermarkets . Of all brands , in all formats , we have a large catalog available . Lost between these possibilities, we sometimes take at random. However, the choice of your mouthwash should not be done lightly! Let’s find out how to choose the right mouthwash .

The different types of mouthwash

There are several types of mouthwash , the choice is based on your specific needs. The results we want to achieve the most: soothing tooth sensitivity correcting stained teeth or treating bad breath … Your dentist or even your pharmacist will be the most able to advise you on the choice of mouthwash.

However, to help you in this process, we have selected the best mouthwashes from the Listerine and Pierre Fabre brands :

To prevent dental plaque :

Listerine Anti Tartar Mouthwash 500mlremoves dental plaque and protects against tartar . Endowed with a pleasant aroma, it refreshes the breath durably with its fresh mint taste .

To be used twice a day in addition to brushing , it prevents the formation of tartar thanks to its formula enriched with zinc chloride. It eliminates the bad bacteria responsible for most oral dental problems thanks to its formula with 4 essential oils without modifying the balance of the oral flora .

To relieve sensitive teeth:

Listerine Professional Dental Sensitivity Mouthwash 500ml soothes and fights against persistent symptoms of tooth sensitivity . This is often manifested by severe pain when ingesting hot or cold liquids , acidic or sweet foods. This mouthwash is composed of potassium crystals . These particles are deposited on the injured areas to form a protective film . This veil helps relieve the sensitivity of the teeth and protect them .

To be used twice a day for 1 minute after thorough brushing. This mouthwash strengthens tooth enamel . While its mint aroma leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness in your mouth all day long . This product is contraindicated in children under the age of 18.

Anti-cavity mouthwash:

Listerine Anti-Caries Mouthwash Light Taste 500mladapts to the whole family from 6 years old . And this, thanks to its soft and alcohol-free formula which is embellished with a soothing fresh green tea taste . Containing fluoride and extracts of 4 essential oils , it strengthens teeth and helps eliminate bacteria present in dental plaque . It respects the oral flora and guarantees fresh breath for the day.

For stained teeth:

Eluday whiteness mouthwash 500 ml , c As its name suggests, this is a mouthwash stain that makes your teeth whiter . This mouthwash protects teeth against stains, strengthens enamel and freshens breath .

Formulated with an antibacterial agent , it effectively fights against dental plaque and prevents the formation of tartar and cavities Alcohol-free and with a minty aroma , it provides a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness .

To fight against bad breath:

Eluday intense mouthwash 500ml fights against bacteria responsible for bad breath . Its icy mint aroma brings a feeling of long-lasting freshness . Alcohol-free, it can be used morning and evening in addition to brushing .

The mouthwash is an ideal complement to care oral. It effectively complements brushing. This is done by cleaning certain areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach with the toothbrush. All you have to do is choose your mouthwash and give yourself a smile worthy of an advertising spot!

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