Osteoarthritis of the dog: which treatment to administer?

treatment for osteoarthritis in dogs

A dog can also be prone to joint problems such as osteoarthritis . This progressive and irreversible degradation of the cartilage affects one or more joints most often on the hips, knees, elbow, shoulder but also the spine. One in 5 dogs suffers from this disease, young or old, slender or overweight, all are concerned. Osteoarthritis can even appear in puppies following a trauma (fracture, dislocation, etc.) or a congenital malformation such as dysplasia . It usually manifests as pain in the affected joints or lameness.after a long period of immobilization. In the long term, the animal will have more and more difficulty in moving . It is essential to put in place an appropriate treatment to be able to relieve it .

Osteoarthritis in dogs

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the cartilage that progresses gradually. Initially, it goes unnoticed, the clinical signs become obvious as it progresses.

During the first phase: Your pooch who is always active and going to play becomes more and more reluctant to do his favorite activities. He has more difficulty getting up after a period of rest. His gait can be stiff. He will also avoid leaning on the affected limb and limping.

In the second phase: The pain is accentuated due to the cold and humidity. Daily actions such as getting up, lying down, sitting down or even walking can be difficult, if not impossible. The pain can encourage him to change his behavior: lack of appetite, anxiety, aggressiveness…, he sometimes licks and nibbles the painful part more often.

In the third phase: His limbs are blocked and the slightest movement is unbearable.

At the slightest suspicious symptom, consult your veterinarian so that he can set up an adequate treatment.

What treatment to administer?

An x-ray of the affected areas may be necessary to see the progression of the disease. The vet can prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and later morphine derivatives for dogs in pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs are too dangerous for them.

Note that a degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis is incurable. However, it is possible to relieve it and delay its effects with food supplements.

Vetosan joint comfort dog 60 tablets :

These natural tablets help maintain your pet’s cartilage and provide relief from joint discomfort. Based on active ingredients of plant origin, including bamboo leaf and stinging nettles, it preserves cartilage with its silica supply. Lithotamne seaweed for its contribution of minerals, trace elements and vitamins which contribute to the strength of the bones. To be administered once a day at the rate of one tablet per 10 to 15kg slice, directly or mixed with food.


From OMEGAPHARMA laboratories , arthrosenior offers protection of the cartilage and maintenance of mobility and joint flexibility, particularly in elderly dogs. Chondroitin and glucosamine which compose it stimulate the regeneration of the cartilage and contribute to the lubrication of the joint . For older dogs (7 to 10 years old), athletic, large, overweight or having undergone joint surgery. Administer 1 tablet for a twenty kilogram animal, directly or mixed with a little food. A regular cure of 2 to 3 times a year is recommended.

Biocanina Arthroplus Tasty 30 Bites :

These tasty little treats help maintain mobility in dogs with osteoarthritis . Chondroitin and Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, glucosamine, zinc and manganese provide essential nutrients to cartilage and maintain its integrity . Superoxide dismutase (SOD) as well as vitamin E are antioxidants that help fight free radicals responsible for premature cell damage. Something to delight your doggie’s taste buds!

Do not forget to watch his diet and make him practice regular physical activity , this will strengthen his cartilage and limit weight gain.

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