Boost your natural defenses with food supplements

Many food supplements exist to help you on a daily basis. Widely available, and relatively inexpensive, they are often used in complementary and alternative therapies.

Capsules, capsules, tablets, ampoules, lozenges, sachets of powder or liquid preparations … you can find these supplementsin many forms and in different compositions.

The natural assets have very effective virtues to act on many problems. For slimming, anti-stress , revitalizing or intended for athletes, supplements are increasingly consumed in France.

Daily stimulants, periodic boosts or cures, composed of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.), plants or other substances, these treatments offer many health benefits. In these winter times, when viral infections proliferate, little help to strengthen the immune system through various cures and / or treatments are recommended.

While our immune system is protecting us at all times against viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens, for various reasons it is possible that it weakens leaving the field free for disease. In fact, natural and relevant solutions exist to strengthen immunity: vitamins C, D, Zinc and probiotics in particular.

So let’s take stock of this arsenal of products that can strengthen our defenses .

How do food supplements work ?

Available in pharmacies and drugstores, more and more data demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of food supplements , over the course of the clinical studies carried out.

Some of these supplements help improve the nutritional intake of consumers to help them lose weight. Others help to face the evils of winter, to digest better, to have beautiful hair, or to keep in shape.

Food supplements, as their name suggests, are products to be taken in addition to our daily diet. Their goal is to compensate for certain deficiencies and certain deficient nutritional contributions. They provide a concentrate of nutrients or other substances having a beneficial effect at the nutritional level. However, they can also bring it at the physiological level. Unlike drugs, subject to therapeutic dosages, however, it remains at physiological dosages to be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle.

In recent years, the French consume more and more associated with an ever richer diet. Intake deficits and a fortiori nutrient deficiencies are ultimately quite frequent. Indeed, our diet is less and less varied and balanced, this is felt on our body, both internally and externally.

Oxidative and chronic stress or a lack of exercise, sleep and hydration can also create a nutrient deficiency. All of these factors can weaken the immune system, leaving the field free for pathogens to attack the body. If a change in lifestyle can restore this balance, treatments such as dietary supplement treatments can help boost your antibodies.

What are they made up of ?

  • Vitamins, minerals and trace elements, essential fatty acids, proteins and amino acids
  • Other substances for nutritional and / or physiological purposes (probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, etc.)
  • Medicinal plants in the broad sense (including plants, algae, lichens and fungi)

Their active ingredients act to strengthen the body’s specific and non-specific defense system.

A particular dosage is assigned to them for optimal assimilation of the body. Hence the need to moderate the treatment and if possible to follow up by a health professional.

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