Don’t hesitate to give your dog probiotics!

The probiotics have proven their effectiveness on human intestinal flora. What about your pet? As with humans, the health of your pet digestive health depends on the good balance of its intestinal flora. Probiotics have shown beneficial effects on the stabilisation of this flora, both in the human diet and in that of our companions. Which probiotics should you choose for your dog? The answer in this article.

The benefits of probiotics for dogs

Probiotics for dogs are bacteria that improve your dog’s health by preventing various diseases. Medically, probiotics are used to restore the entire microflora balance in the “gastrointestinal tract”. In other words, they are ” helpful bacteria ” that fight against ” harmful bacteria “. They belong to the Lactobacillus acidophilus or Lactobacillus bifidus family of bacteria. These bacteria contribute to the proper assimilation of nutrients and protect the body from toxic substances. In addition, they help to strengthen your dog ‘s immune system and boost its resistance to possible illnesses. Probiotics also improve the health of those who suffer from any infection or allergy to antibiotics. Indeed, stress, age, change of diet can cause food allergies and even intestinal disorders.
Probiotics for dogs are available in capsule, syrup or powder form. You can supplement their benefits with fermentable fibres to boost their effectiveness. Their ‘bifi dogèn’ effect maintains the digestive flora. This means that your dog can digest sugars and fats without any problems. They are found naturally in well-cooked potatoes, chicory root andgarlic. These good bacteria help dogs ‘ bodies to produce B vitamins such as biotin and folic acid. They also stimulate the immune system. These essential elements promote appetite and increase vitality. They are therefore excellent for older dogs with low energy levels. As a result, dog probiotics improve the physical well-being and health of your pet.

Which probiotics to choose for your dog

Many dogs are frequently prone to indigestion. Constipation and vomiting are the most common symptoms. But itching, flatulence andeczema are other indicators that should not be overlooked. Digestive disorders, whether classic or secondary, affect a dog’s intestinal microflora. It is therefore important to give him a probiotic to restore his balance.

  • Biocanina Stimulactiv Organic Dog Powder: This organic probiotic supplement is designed to support your dog’s digestive health. This powder helps your dog’s digestion.

Probiotics are living micro-organisms that play multiple beneficial roles in the health of dogs. It is therefore recommended to give your pet probiotics for optimal digestive efficiency.

Dosage: 2 levelled measuring spoons per 2.5kg of the animal’s weight per day for 20 days, sprinkled on its food.

  • Biocanina Regulactiv Organic Powder Dog: this complementary food is designed to firm up the stools in the event of digestive problems. It is intended for small dogs weighing less than 10kg.

Dosage: 1 level measuring spoon per 2 kg of weight of the animal and per day, for 20 days, to be scattered over the contents of your animal’s bowl.

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