How to get rid of back-to-school stress?

Back to school, back to school, back to work… Just hearing these words makes us feel a little bit sad. We will have to say goodbye to the comfort of our holidays, the sun and the idleness of the summer. We’re already thinking about the ” subway-work-sleep ” routine that awaits us. It is normal for stress to set in at the sight of these constraints. But there is no need to worry. It is possible to remain calm in the face of all this. Here are a few simple tips to help you deal with back-to-school stress effectively.

Prepare yourself one to two weeks before the big day

Good preparation is essential to better face the start of the new school year or the return to work. It is important to allow one to two weeks to get used to the rhythm of the new school year in September. For example, it is advisable to :

  • sleep and wake up earlier;
  • boosting concentration by choosing activities similar to school or work tasks;
  • stimulate the brain so that it is progressively active, thanks to intellectual activities and food supplements that strengthen memory and concentration;

The key is to simulate days with a rhythm similar to that imposed by school or work. By doing this, the transition from holiday to school will be easy.

Recharge your batteries

With the imminent arrival of the new school year, we are overwhelmed by apprehension andanxiety. After all, this is quite normal, as the fear of the unknown and of unpleasant surprises is omnipresent at such times. So, to overcome this problem, it is important to refocus on oneself. In this sense, meditation and breathing exercises are your best allies. These will help you to put your mind in order. Above all, they will calm you down to better manage your stress.

Replenish your energy

At the end of the holidays and as the new school year approaches, melancholy gradually takes hold of us. Moreover, laziness and weariness take over from a good mood. So we tend to stay in bed all day to enjoy the last moments of “freedom”. In fact, the body suffers what is known as a slump. To avoid this, it is best to fill up on energy! So, treat yourself to healthy and energetic foods. Choose colourful seasonal fruit and good fats such as salmon, which is a real goldmine in terms ofomega-3. Since omega-3s are known to nourish and soothe the brain, but also to strengthen concentration and cognitive faculties, consider taking DHA-rich food supplements regularly.

Doing “stress-relieving” activities

Here are some ideas for activities that are known to calm the mind and reduce stress:

  • Exercise regularly to feel good about yourself.
  • Practice meditation
  • Playing and soothing activities: reading, board games, etc
  • Sort and tidy up: sort out your belongings and paperwork, then give away or throw away those that are no longer of use to you; (re)organise and tidy up your belongings and your home;..
  • Give yourself new things for a “fresh start”.
  • Practice gratitude: new friends, new challenges and goals, new office, etc.

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