Marine plasma: hypertonic or isotonic?

We live in a time when maintaining the balance of biodiversity has become essential. This necessity concerns the survival of our species as much as that of the planet . The reconnection with nature has never been so important. The science is witness and proposes solutions to combine the human and nature . This process begins with research and therapy to harmonize man and the ocean .

The ocean, origin of life

This vast expanse of salt water covers much of the earth’s surface. It is home to an ecosystem of extraordinary richness. Moreover, all forms of life flow from it, billions of years ago. Even today, life on our planet is closely linked to this marine world. This inexhaustible natural treasure is synonymous with freedom and is one of the greatest sources of natural energy. Like nature, the sea is bursting with healing and remedies . The big blue is becoming a new avenue for scientific and medical advances . In sympathy with each part of our body, sea water provides many elements necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

Marine plasma or Quinton water

The French biologist René Quinton (1866 – 1925) discovered during his research that blood plasma closely resembles that of sea water. Plasma is a liquid in which the body’s cells remain. This essential fluid has a mineral and trace elemental composition close to that of sea water. Ingested, marine plasma then acts on maintaining the general balance of health. It makes it possible to compensate and correct the deficiencies of daily life. The shortcomings which unfortunately tend to generate fatigue both physical and psychological . Today, Quinton Laboratories, direct heirs of the biologist and physiologist, are dedicated exclusively to the preparation of cold micro-filtered seawater . This solution is distinguished in two very distinct categories due to their concentration and benefit. Isotonic or hypertonic , they each have their virtues on the body.

Isotonic Quinton Water

This is marine plasma diluted in spring water . This dilution makes it possible to obtain a product identical to that of physiological fluids or human plasma in terms of concentration . The figures announce: 1 volume of hypertonic seawater diluted with 3 volumes of spring water.

A real energy booster , Isotonic 30 drinkable vials from Quinton Laboratories is recommended in case of fatigue, boosting the immune system or convalescence. Regenerating and restructuring, this solution acts deep in cells to slow down aging and oxidation. It also helps relieve chronic illnesses or lend a hand to rehydration of the body in cases of childhood gastroenteritis .

The PMI isotonic marine Plasma of Oligocean , meanwhile, is a 100% natural solution that contains all the minerals and trace elements that the body needs to regenerate. Antioxidant, anti-aging and remineralizing, it helps revitalize the body by making vitamins assimilable . This water is also optimal for all cases relating to the renal system.

Hypertonic marine plasma

This solution has a concentration of minerals and trace elements quite equal to integral seawater. This means that its total concentration is higher than that of physiological fluids.Hypertonic 30 drinkable vials from Quinton Laboratories brings revitalization and remineralization at high speed thanks to its richness in minerals . The purpose being to produce on the body, in a very short time, an immediate electrolytic recharge or to prevent a strong expenditure of energy. This prevention concerns physical, intellectual or psychic efforts. This treatment is an ally of choice to fight against fatigue, overwork and stress.

Gain of concentration, dynamism, vitality, digestive comfort and others… the effects of marine plasma, hypertonic or isotonic , are without any doubt impressive. A source of pure energy, it reorganizes the intra and extracellular balance.

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