How to preserve your skin and adapt your beauty routine in winter?

preserve your skin and adapt your beauty routine in winter

That’s it, winter has set in, bringing its first frost. To face the cold season , there is of course the thick duvet, the wood stove, the lined coats and the hot chocolate with marshmallow. Everyone has their own little habits to warm up. But is it really enough? Because there is one thing that we tend to forget as soon as the mercury drops: it is to adapt your skincare routine to the extreme cold .

However, more than the other seasons, the skin needs special care in winter in order to stay healthy and continue to properly fulfill its role of protective envelope against falling temperatures. Especially with a few simple gestures, we can continue to display a radiant mine and a luminous complexion despite the grayness and the cold.

Why adapt your beauty routine to the winter season?

It is well known, good humor is not the only victim of the winter climate and its gray skies. As soon as the thermometer reads less than 10 °, our skin fights so hard to keep the body at the right temperature , not without leaving visible traces: dull complexion, sensations of tightness, redness and frostbite … For good reason, the skin regulates heat body by constricting the blood vessels . However, this maneuver considerably reduces the production of sebum , which is essential for skin hydration . And to make matters worse, the thermal shock , combined with the dryness of the air caused by the heatingwill intensify the phenomenon of dehydration of the epidermis .

Thus, by building the objective of the special winter skin care ritual is to restore sufficient hydration to the skin .

Avoid drying out the skin during the winter

The first rule is to avoid overheating your home or workplace when you are already wearing sufficiently warm and covering clothing . This slows down skin dryness in addition to saving on the electricity bill!

More generally, good eating habits eating a healthy, varied and balanced diet and drinking sufficient water are also, in summer and winter, the key to preventing dryness of the skin .

For the well-being ritual itself, our “skincare” selection for winter should inspire you!

Trixera Nutrition from Avene :

This range is specially designed for the whole family, and acts simultaneously on dryness on the surface and in depth . Composed of two cleansing treatments , to gently start your hydration routine , as well as a balm for sensitive and very dry skin , this Avène skincare series also offers a milk with an immediate nourishing effect. Enough to relieve the skin and strengthen the skin barrier !

Atoderm by Bioderma :

It is also a complete range of face and body treatments suitable for dry, even atopic skin. This special routine contains, among other things, a hypoallergenic shower gel to gently cleanse sensitive skin while soothing sensations of tightness and irritation . Its ultra-nourishing cream moisturizes the skin for 24 hours and its moisturizing lip stick nourishes and soothes chapped lips . A line of treatments to pamper your skin and limit the discomfort caused by the extreme cold.

SVR topialysis :

Finally, this range of emollient and cleansing care is magical on dry, very dry to atopic skin of young and old. Without compromise, it guarantees a reinforced anti-itching action , a maximum of comfort and tolerance . Topialyse Palpebral cream , for example, is a soothing cream specially formulated for atopic skin. Immediate effect to soothe dry and irritated eyelids . “ With Topialyse, relieving dry skin becomes a moment of pleasure again!

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