Prepare your body for the effort for winter sports

Before heading to the mountains and enjoying winter sports and activities , prepare your body. Whether you are an amateur or a professional skier , this step should not be taken lightly. You must allow at least two months before any sporting activity in the mountains to condition your body . And this in order to minimize stiffness in your muscles. So how do you go about being in good shape? Overview in this article.

Compulsory physical preparation before any winter sport

Skiing requires extraordinary physical effort. In fact, to avoid any form of accident on the slopes, you must use all your muscles and all your concentration . You will need balance and for that, muscles that you do not know exist will be used. Yep, once you’re ready, you need to secure unimaginable tricks and positions to avoid falls and injuries.

Some exercises must be done inevitably before going to the mountains, namely:

  • Strengthening the leg muscles
  • Relaxation of the joints
  • The work of balance and vigilance

You can do this all year round by doing mountain biking , cardio exercises and running. You can also swim, exercise gymnastics, trampoline, dance, stretch, and walk.

Adapt your lifestyle to prepare your body for winter sports

When it comes to healthy living, it is obviously a question of diet . In the mountains, know that you are not only going to play sports , you will also face the vagaries of the weather : cold, snow, wind and even the sun. So, so that these different changes do not affect you more than that, favor certain foods, such as starches (pasta, rice, potatoes) rich in slow sugar as well as fruits and vegetables to fill up on vitamin C and E .

In addition, you can add food supplements to your diet . The organic pharmacy Soin et Nature offers organic products that will perfectly meet your needs as an athlete. On one side, there is the box of Hifas da Terra Cordy-Sin Sport Cordyceps sinensis 60 capsules . This vitamin B12-rich supplement helps reduce your state of exhaustion and fatigue. On the other hand, you can opt for the Herbalgem SportiSève Birch sap Muscle 250ml in order to easily eliminate the toxins accumulated in your muscles after each physical effort.

Advice and safety rules when skiing

After any sport in the mountains, consider relaxing your body . So, to avoid muscle soreness that can prevent you from recovering and sleeping well, do a few stretching sessions. Also bet on a good hot shower . If your accommodation allows it, a hammam or sauna would be welcome. You can also use SOS AROMA Roll-on Sports Performances 50ml of Soin et Nature to relax your muscles. This gel is rich in pure and organic essential oils .

And before taking the chairlift to be able to slide and ski , it is imperative to respect the safety rules, such as wearing helmets and sunglasses . Also consider taking sunscreen to protect your skin. The study of the tracks beforehand is also necessary in order to avoid potential accidents.

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