Hydration or nutrition? What to choose for my skin?

Hydration or nutrition? What to choose for my skin?

When it comes to taking care of the skin, the terms ” hydration ” or ” nutrition ” come up very often. However, it should be noted that there is a fairly large difference between these two practices. So how do you choose the right care for your skin? It’s simple. It’s like the body. When you are thirsty, you should drink water to hydrate yourself. And when you are hungry, you feed yourself by eating. The skin is as much need water as nutrients to feed.

The difference between hydrating and nourishing the skin

Hydrating your skin involves providing the right amount of water that it needs. And this, regardless of your skin type. Water to hydrate your skin can come from different sources: drinks, fruits, vegetables, but also moisturizers made available by major brands of cosmetic products. These creams help protect the skin against drying out. When the epidermis is dehydrated, you may feel tightness or have redness.

On the other hand, nourishing your skin means giving it the necessary nutrients for it to be healthy. Lipids, fats, etc. : these elements protect the skin against dryness by forming a kind of skin barrier. The dry skin are the most affected by the need for nutrition .

Skin hydration: how to go about it?

In addition to the balanced diet that should come very naturally on a daily basis, you also have the possibility of hydrating your skin with creams specially designed for this purpose. You must then, to do this, induce your skin to a dab of moisturizer every morning before leaving for work. It will give you a healthy glow and firm your skin . You can also use it after your shower at night, before sleeping. But among all the products available to you on the market, you can also opt for food supplements . Here is a selection that can help you make your choice:

Good tips for perfect skin nutrition

For a well nourished skin, bet on creams rich in lipids . Several elements can provide the necessary dose for our skin such as shea butter, aloe vera, beeswax or even soy. And the ideal would be to opt for a product based on natural and organic ingredients.

This is the case of EMBRYOLISSE 75ml condensed cream milk offered by Soin et Nature. The advantage is that this product provides nutrition and hydration to your skin at the same time . And it is suitable for both children and adults. And a thought for these gentlemen: this cream milk is excellent as an aftershave. Your skin will regain softness, elasticity and health.

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