UPSA X NOURISHED: New-generation Vegan gummies

In the world of personalised nutrition and self-medication, an exceptional collaboration has emerged between two renowned laboratories: UPSA, historically specialised in the fight against pain and colds, and Nourished, expert in tailor-made nutrition. This union has given birth to a new generation of vegan gummies, offering consumers a personalised approach to health and well-being. In … Read more

Plant-based nutrition in summer: A balanced, nutrient-rich meal plan

Summer brings a wealth offresh, colourful foods, offering the perfect opportunity to explore vegan nutrition. Adopting a vegan diet in summer can provide an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for optimal health. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of vegan summer nutrition and suggest a balanced meal plan to guide you. … Read more

Are Vegan dieters deficient in protein?

The vegan movement has taken the food world by storm over the last decade. More and more people are adopting a plant-based diet for environmental, ethical and health reasons. But are vegan dieters protein deficient? That’s the question we’ll address in this article. Are Vegan dieters protein deficient? This is a subject that is the … Read more

What are the benefits of iron?

Iron or Fe is essential to human life and health. This mineral plays an important role in the proper functioning of the body. However, it is not naturally produced by the body. But, rest assured, it’s easy to get enough of it from the foods we eat. In this article, we explore the benefits of … Read more

Is a vegan diet good for the heart?

Diet and heart health are closely linked, and the choice of diet can have a significant impact on cardiovascular well-being. The vegan diet, characterised by the exclusion of all animal products, is attracting growing interest, not least for its potential beneficial effects on heart health. This plant-based dietary approach offers an abundance of essential nutrients … Read more

Are plant-based drinks healthy?

Plant-based drinks are an excellent alternative to dairy products for people with intolerance. These days, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a plant-based drink to accompany our bowl of cereal: rice, hemp, coconut, soya or even oats will soon have replaced cow’s milk on the breakfast table! What is lactose intolerance? … Read more

Is Vegan diet good for your health?

The vegan diet consists solely ofplant-based foods. In fact, itexcludes meat, eggs, dairy products and beehive products. Many people follow the Vegan movement for ethical or environmental reasons. 3 good reasons to go Vegan Today, more and more people want to change the way they eat. Everyone has their own reasons and motivations. A Vegan … Read more