Treating obesity: Cannabidiol CBD or Ozempic, which to choose for healthy weight loss?

Obesity is a chronic medical condition that affects millions of people worldwide, leading to numerous health complications and a reduced quality of life. The search for effective solutions to control this problem is therefore crucial. Among the new treatment options attracting interest are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Ozempic, two substances with very different mechanisms of action. … Read more

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How can I manage eating disorders with homeopathy?

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Zoonoses: Diseases transmitted from animals to humans

Zoonoses are a group of infectious diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans. This complex phenomenon raises major challenges in terms of public health, epidemiological surveillance and health risk management. From avian influenza to rabies and brucellosis, these diseases can have serious consequences for human health, the economy and the environment. What is … Read more

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Mycobacterium marinum: An emerging dermatological zoonosis

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