Several cases of Monkeypox in Europe, is this a concern?

Several cases of indigenous Monkeypox(MKP) infections have recently been reported in several European countries, North America and Australia, (particularly in men who have sex with men (MSM)). Suspected cases are being investigated in many countries. This is an unusual phenomenon. Several cases have now been confirmed in France in May 2022. For all the confirmed … Read more

Homeopathy for bruises and other traumas

A fall? A small local trauma? Homeopathy allows you to intervene quickly and painlessly so that the haematomas are quickly reabsorbed. IN ALL CASES: ARNICA 7 CH 3 granules to be repeated every 1/4 hour for one hour. Then every two hours for 24 hours and finally 4 times a day, depending on the persistence … Read more

Are Paleo diet and weight loss compatible?

Photo by Total Shape on Unsplash Although the paleo diet may seem new, it has actually been around for decades. In fact, it was started in the 1970s by gastroenterologist Walter Vogtling. This doctor was convinced that Paleolithic ancestors could teach modern humans how to eat healthily. The Paleo or Paleolithic diet in brief At … Read more

How to make a first aid kit before going on vacation?

personalize your first aid kit in the pharmacy

When we think of holidays , we think of escape, we think of new adventures, we think of looks… In short, we think of well-being! But let’s face it, between the choice of destination, accommodation, activities, expenses… our sense of organization is put to the test. Thinking of everything can become stressful to the point of ignoring more important: health … Read more

HPV Vaccine: Be Aware!

For several weeks now, an appeal from Professor Joyeux, oncologist and surgeon at the Montpellier Cancer Institute, has been circulating on the Internet. The latter is alerting us to the recent report by the High Council for Public Health, which recommends mass vaccination in schools against papillomavirus (HPV), and lowering the vaccination age to 9 … Read more

5 natural tips for getting pregnant

Découvrez nos conseils pour augmenter votre fertilité et espérer tomber enceinte

Do you want to optimise your chances of getting pregnant and improve your couple’s physical and mental health in order to pass on the best to your future little one? Discover through this article advice on lifestyle, attitudes to adopt before conception to boost fertility , live a pregnancy in peace and so that your … Read more

The importance of organic certification for quality cosmetics

Organic cosmetics have the same hygienic and beautifying function as cosmetics from the chemical industry. However, their manufacturing rules differ in that they use natural raw materials from organic farming and do not contain extracts of animal origin or synthetic chemicals. These environmentally friendly products do not contain extracts of animal origin and are not … Read more

Cooking your meringues with essential oils

Cooking your meringues with essential oils

The essential oils allow to make many creations, and are usable in the everyday kitchen. The meringue is a very light and very fine pastry, perfect for small appetites. The interest in preparing meringues with essential oils is to add an aromatic note with a more dense and colourful flavor. I will show you in this article … Read more