Grooming at home to take care of our animals

Frolicking, rolling, frolicking… How can we blame our pet when it gets dirty? We all know that it’s a little creature similar to a child, who spends most of its time playing and running around, especially in the dirt and dust! When you’re faced with your little fur ball, you have a decision to make: wash it yourself or take it to a groomer. Many owners use groomers – after all, they exist for a reason. Many believe that taking your pets to a professional groomer is necessary to ensure that they receive the best possible care. However, we all have the potential to become extraordinary groomers for our little companions. What’s more, rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands wet isn’t such a big deal!

The benefits of grooming

Grooming pets, whether dogs, cats orother four-legged companions, has many benefits, both for the animals and their owners. Every aspect of grooming contributes to the overall well-being of the animal. Here’s a detailed exploration of these benefits:

Pet hygiene and health

The fundamental aspect of grooming lies in its essential role in the hygiene and overall health of the pet. Grooming helps to keep your pet clean by removing various elements that are harmful to its health.

Regular grooming involves thoroughly cleaning the skin and coat with products that are suitable for pets. This removes accumulated dirt, sweat and sebaceous secretions. By removing these elements, grooming promotes clean, healthy skin. Clean skin reduces the risk of developing skin infections, such as bacterial or fungal dermatitis. These can cause considerable itching and discomfort for the animal.

Regular grooming also helps prevent parasitic infestations. External parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites can cause serious health problems in pets. By regularly inspecting and cleaning the animal, professional groomers can detect the presence of parasites or their eggs. Early action can then be taken to prevent these parasites from multiplying and affecting the animal’s health.

Early detection of health problems

Early detection of health problems is one of the key benefits of pet grooming. Grooming sessions offer a valuable opportunity to keep a close eye on the animal’s health. Professional groomers, thanks to their training and expertise, are particularly well placed to spot the early signs of potential health problems.

When an animal is groomed, the groomer carefully examines its skin, coat, claws, ears and other parts of its body. This thorough inspection helps to spot abnormalities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Commonly detected health problems include skin infections, sores or wounds, abnormal lumps or bumps, and skin irritations.

Early detection is of vital importance, as it enables rapid intervention. When a health problem is identified at an early stage, it is often easier to treat and the chances of recovery are better. It also prevents the condition from worsening and becoming more serious, which could require more invasive or expensive treatments.

Reducing hair loss

Regular brushing is an effective way of reducing hair loss. By removing dead hair from the pet’s coat, it reduces the amount of hair that ends up in the house. This is particularly appreciated by homeowners who want to maintain a clean and tidy environment, while minimising pet hair allergies.

Grooming contributes to pet comfort by removing tangles, matted hair and parasites such as fleas. Detangling and anti-parasite treatments relieve the animal of feelings of discomfort and irritation. A groomed animal generally feels more comfortable in its own skin.

Cosmetic grooming is particularly important for long-haired breeds of dog and cat. It helps maintain a clean, well-groomed coat, which is important for owners who care about their pet’s appearance. A well-groomed pet looks good and gives off an impression of health and well-being.

Strengthening the emotional bond

Grooming sessions go beyond the purely physical. They provide an intimate opportunity to strengthen the emotional bond between pet and owner. During grooming, the animal feels the caring touch of its owner or the groomer. This creates a positive emotional connection. The caresses, massages and care provided during these moments help to establish a climate of trust between animal and human.

For many owners, grooming becomes a special opportunity to spend quality time with their pet. It’s a time when attention is focused entirely on the animal, reinforcing the feeling of bonding and mutual affection. Animals generally appreciate this warm interaction and often respond by expressing their own affection, whether by purring, licking or simply relaxing.


Grooming also plays an essential role in the socialisation of animals, especially puppies and kittens. As young animals, they need to be exposed to different situations, people and environments to grow into well-adjusted, confident adults.

Grooming sessions expose young animals to handling and human contact in a positive way. This accustoms them to being touched and handled, making them more comfortable when visiting the vet or in other similar situations. What’s more, puppies and kittens that are regularly groomed are more likely to interact with other people, which promotes their socialisation and reduces the risk of shy or aggressive behaviour in adulthood.

Why choose home grooming?

It seems much easier to take our furry friends to the groomer. But a good bath at home can have many advantages.
Even after you’ve made an appointment with the groomer, think of the queue at the grooming centre! Not to mention the journey to get there: a real waste of time! However, by staying at home to wash your pooch, you not only save time, but you can also decide to look after him at a time that suits you best.

What’s more, a special moment between you and your pet will be an opportunity to think about your pet’s well-being, while strengthening the bond you already have. Your pet won’t have to interact with other animals in the waiting room, and won’t notice their smells or stress. On the contrary, your pet will appreciate the calm and security of its usual environment.

Saving time and comfort

The home grooming option offers precious time savings and greater comfort for pet owners. Comparing home grooming with a visit to a professional groomer highlights this significant difference. When you take your pet to the groomer, there’s often a queue at the reception desk of the grooming salon. This can be a long wait, especially if the salon is very busy. What’s more, simply getting to the grooming salon involves a journey, which can be quite long, depending on the distance between your home and the salon you’ve chosen. All these steps add up to a considerable waste of time.

By opting for home grooming, you eliminate these constraints. You can decide when it’s most convenient for you to look after your pet. So you avoid unnecessary journeys and unpleasant waits. Organise the grooming session around your schedule, giving you valuable flexibility. This option is particularly popular with busy owners who want to maximise their time while giving their pet the care it needs.

Strengthening emotional bonds

At-home grooming strengthens the bond between owner and pet. During the session, the owner focuses on the pet’s well-being, strengthening their existing bond. This intimate interaction creates a positive emotional connection between pet and human.

Unlike a visit to the groomer, where the animal may be confronted with other animals in a waiting room, home grooming takes place in a familiar environment. The animal perceives neither the smells nor the stress of other animals. It is in the comfort and safety of its own space, which reduces stress levels. This absence of stress makes for a more pleasant grooming experience for the animal and reinforces its trust in its owner. Ultimately, home grooming creates a positive and soothing moment for the pet, which contributes to a harmonious relationship between pet and owner.

Reduced stress for the animal

Home grooming reduces stress for the animal because it is carried out in a familiar environment. Unlike a grooming salon, the animal is not exposed to strange smells or sounds, which puts it at ease. What’s more, they don’t have to meet other, unfamiliar animals, thus avoiding a potential source of stress.

Instead, he can concentrate on the reassuring presence of his owner. This absence of stressful external stimuli creates a more relaxed and pleasant grooming environment for the animal. This is particularly beneficial for more sensitive or anxious pets, who may be disturbed by a new environment. By opting for home grooming, you can offer your pet a more serene grooming experience, contributing to its overall well-being.

Personalised care

One of the most significant benefits of home grooming is the ability to personalise your pet’s care. Every animal is unique, with its own characteristics and grooming needs. Home grooming allows you to respond optimally to these individual needs.

For example, if your dog or cat has sensitive skin, you can choose specific grooming products. You can select hypoallergenic or soothing shampoos to provide relief for your pet’s irritated skin. What’s more, you can adjust the water temperature to ensure a comfortable bath that’s tailored to your pet’s sensitivity.

The same personalised care also applies to cuts and hairstyles. You can cut your dog’s fur according to his specific needs or the advice of your home groomer, if required. You have total control over the grooming process to meet your pet’s needs.

Our tips for successful grooming

Cleanliness and hygiene are vital to your pet’s health. But how do you go about bathing your pet and, above all, how do you avoid the stress of going to the bathroom?

Preparing for the bath

Introducing your pet to bathing at an early stage is the ideal way to familiarise him with this routine. It’s best to start as early as possible. When you prepare the bathroom for grooming, make sure you have all the necessary accessories to hand. Once you’re ready, reassure your pet. Start by gently untangling its fur, especially if it has long hair prone to tangles.

To make this step easier, the Beaphar brand offers BEAPHAR SPRAY DÉMÊLANT AMANDE DOUCE 250ML. This detangling spray is formulated with sweet almond vegetable oil. This gives it softening properties for your pet’s fur. By applying it, you’ll restore suppleness and shine to your pet’s coat. Your pet will appreciate the silky feel of its fur, which will improve its overall comfort and well-being.

Early bathing, combined with quality products like Beaphar Sweet Almond Detangler Spray, not only ensures a silky coat, but also strengthens the bond between you and your pet through a positive grooming experience.


When you start the bathing process for your pet, it’s essential to choose a shampoo specially designed for their coat. Make sure the shampoo is suitable for his coat type. Remember to massage the product gently into your pet’s coat, allowing it to penetrate right down to the skin. This will thoroughly cleanse and remove dirt and impurities.

If you have a dog, you can opt for Vetoform frequent use dog shampoo 200ml, specially designed for dogs. For a shiny, soft coat, this product is made from natural plant extracts likeAloe Vera. A real concentrate ofhydration and nutrition.

Use a quality shampoo for your pet. It will give him a pleasant bath and take care of his skin and coat. It’s essential for keeping your pet clean and healthy, while strengthening your relationship.

Rinsing and drying

It’s essential to ensure that your pet is completely free of any moss residue after grooming. To do this, rinse thoroughly and abundantly. Make sure you cover the whole of your pet’s body, from head to tail. Rinsing thoroughly removes all the grooming products. This prevents any skin or hair irritation.

After rinsing, make sure you dry your pet properly. Use a towel that has been warmed beforehand to prevent it catching cold. If your pet is comfortable with the sound of the hairdryer, you can continue drying it at a gentle temperature and from a safe distance.

Once your pet is clean and dry, finish grooming by brushing its coat with a soft brush. This will remove tangles, detangle hair and leave the coat soft and silky. Don’t forget to reward your pet for its co-operation with a small treat or a cuddle. This reward strengthens the bond between you. It creates a positive association with grooming, making future sessions more enjoyable for your pet.

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