My sofa is covered in dog hair, what should I do?

Having a faithful friend is what we all want! And that’s part of the reason we adopt a dog. But although its presence is precious to us, a pet also comes with its share of small inconveniences. Indeed, despite the cuddly moments and mutual complicity, owning a dog involves a great responsibility. Apart from its education, which requires a lot of our time and energy, we must also think about the efforts to be made to maintain our environmental comfort. The condition of our sofa is proof of that! Traces of claws, drool, and especially hair are constantly present.

Why is my dog’s hair all over my couch?

It should be known that during the moulting period, which is generally held twice a year, dogs lose a lot of their hair. Just like the snake which renews its skin, our hairball regularly renews its coat. As a normal physiological phenomenon, preventing molting is impossible. So if your dog is healthy, clumps on your couch are nothing to worry about.

Effective ways to limit the damage

However, there are ways to relieve you of the enormous task of cleaning your sofa during the moulting period. By brushing your dog’s hair regularly, he will not only have a very silky coat without any lint, but his dead hair will also be quickly eliminated. During grooming, monitor your dog’s condition closely and notice any changes. Dull coat, birth of a mass on the body, irritation, wound, etc. Also, when you give him a bath, at most once a month, be sure to use a suitable shampoo.

Food supplements for a stronger coat

But the state of health of your animal and its coat depend strongly on its food.

Food supplements for the maintenance of the coat are based on particular vitamins. Indeed, the quality of a dog’s hair is a very good sign of its state of health. Fatty acids, vitamin A, B2, B5, B6 and vitamin PP, make your pet’s coat shiny and strong . Treatment is therefore required in the event of abundant hair loss during moulting or not.

One more to provide your pet with a shiny and silky coat, Beaphar 100 Brewer’s Yeast Tablets For Dogs and Cats also act on shedding. These types of products are particularly rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9) and brewer’s yeast. The latter provides support for skin function.

You can also opt for the Vetoform Pelage et Peau for dogs and cats 100g jar of powder which is specially designed to relieve itching and stop hair loss. Your best friend will then find a shiny coat. This dietary supplement also supports skin function and influences the cell metabolism of your little protected.

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