Homeopathic help in vomiting during pregnancy

Vomiting during the first three months of pregnancy represents a pathology most often banal, but uncomfortable for the pregnant woman . In some cases, this vomiting can be uncontrollable, resulting in severe dehydration and malnutrition that require strict isolation and parenteral nutrition in a hospital setting. Most of the time, nausea and vomiting are frequent , with characteristic modalities: aggravation by active or passive movement, aggravation by sight and/or by the smell of food, hypersialorrhoea, spasms of the digestive tract, faint sensations.

Why choose homeopathy to relieve vomiting during pregnancy?

The homeopathic treatment makes it possible to observe a rapid cessation of the disorders , without side effects for the mother and the fetus. Drugs are chosen from among the following pharmacodynamic substances:

Sepia :

Regardless of their usual mode of reaction, most pregnant women experience symptoms of the pathogenesis of Sepia during pregnancy. Indeed, during the first months, we find:

  • A feeling of stomach emptiness that is not relieved by eating
  • Nausea at the sight and smell of food
  • Morning sickness before breakfast
  • A distaste for tobacco smoke
  • Vomiting after meals
  • A desire for sour or vinegary foods and condiments
  • Heartburn with a bad taste in the mouth

Dosage : Take in 7 or 9 CH, 5 granules twice a day.


Two elements dominate the pathogenesis of Ipecac :

  • A vagotonic element with constant nausea , paleness of the face, bluish ring around the eyes, bradycardia, low blood pressure, sweating, digestive hypersecretion
  • A spasmodic element with frequent vomiting of frothy mucus

These two elements are valued by characteristic methods:

  • Vomiting does not relieve nausea
  • The tongue remains clean or slightly coated, very moist due to hypersialorrhoea
  • An absence of thirst is regularly observed
  • Nausea is aggravated by movement

Dosage : Take in 7 or 9 CH, at the rate of nausea.

Colchicum autumnale :

The smell of food causes nausea with hypersialorrhoea and faint sensation . Vomiting contains a lot of mucus and bile. They are aggravated by the slightest movement and the pregnant woman describes a feeling of cold in the epigastric hollow. There is an intolerance to eggs and fish.

Dosage : Take 5CH 2 or 3 times a day, before meals.

Bryonia alba :

Often bilious, vomiting is triggered by movement and decreases with immobility. The mouth is dry and the thirst intense . Nausea and vomiting appear as soon as you get out of bed. There is a cabbage intolerance.

Dosage : Take in 7 or 9 CH 2 or 3 times a day.

Kreosotum :

The end of meals is the occasion for heartburn . Some time later, burning vomiting of undigested food occurs .

Dosage : Take in 5 or 7 CH, 5 granules before the meal.

Iris versicolor :

Its pathogenesis is very close to the previous one. It is more indicated in case of concomitant migraines.

Dosage : Take in 5 or 7 CH, 5 granules before the meal.

cocculus indicus :

Its pathogenetic action is above all dependent on its principal alkaloid , picrotoxin , a violent poison of the central nervous system, more particularly of the VIIIth cranial pair, and of the motor fibers of the spinal cord. This medicine is indicated in the face of nausea and vomiting with a feeling of violent dizziness and yawning , which may be associated with great weariness. These symptoms are aggravated by visual stimuli, strong odors (tobacco) and lack of sleep. They are improved by heat .

Dosage : Take in 7 or 9 CH, twice a day.

Tobacco :

The clinical picture corresponds here to that of the great vagal crisis:

  • Pallor then sialorrhea , cold sweats
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Palpitations with dizziness and feeling faint

Sometimes there is concomitant diarrhea with a feeling of coldness in the abdomen. The disease worsens on the slightest movement and on heat. It is improved in the fresh air or by closing the eyes.

Dosage : Take in 7 or 9 CH, twice a day.

Lobelia inflated :

As for Tabacum , there is a table of great vagal crisis , but the modalities are different:

  • Worse in the morning on waking and at night
  • Improvement by drinking a little

Dosage : Take in 7 or 9 CH, twice a day.

Ignatia amara :

Medicine for spasms and paradoxical modalities , it is useful in anxious, hypersensitive women , describing sensations of stricture at the level of the neck or the epigastric hollow, temporarily improved by a deep sigh. Nausea improves with eating or distraction .

Dosage : This drug, prescribed mainly on behavioral particularities, gives faithful results in 9 CH, 5 granules 1 to 2 times a day (on waking and at bedtime).

Nux vomica :

Used quite rarely in the nausea of ​​pregnancy, this drug is justified when the nausea occurs after meals and there is gastric intolerance to coffee with, in addition, the general signs of the drug (in particular the incoercible need for nap, nervous hypersensitivity, insomnia in the middle of the night).

Dosage : Take in 9 CH before meals.



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