Homeopathy for having a baby

Want to have a baby but have trouble conceiving? Are you thinking of starting real medical procedures but that scares you? Why not try homeopathy?

Homeopathy as an alternative and holistic treatment to get pregnant and have a baby, is a possible and safe solution.

As a reminder, homeopathy is a holistic approach to health care which aims to improve not only physical health but also a patient who does not need it, this one would feel the same symptoms as a patient being in homeopathic treatment. to eradicate this symptom.

Like vaccines that prevent the development of disease, homeopathy with an infinitesimal amount of active ingredient stimulates the body to produce an immune response. The theory is that this immune response will in turn help alleviate the physical symptoms of a condition, thereby correcting imbalances in the body and improving the overall health of the body.

The homeopathic treatments are considered safe for consumption because the active principle which is the origin of evil is present in infinitesimal quantities. And it is this that allows the body’s immune response to be triggered .

But know all the same that it is important to consult your doctor before starting a homeopathic treatment.

Can homeopathy be the remedy to get pregnant more easily and have a baby?

By taking a holistic approach to the problems posed by female infertility , homeopathic practitioners are able to treat:

  • Cases of polycystic ovaries
  • Endometriosis cases
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Cases of anovulation

The homeopaths are also able to improve male fertility by increasing sperm count but also their mobility.

As with any medical procedure, there is no guarantee that homeopathy will help you get pregnant .

However, there is a growing body of evidence and facts that suggest that homeopathy for having a baby can be used successfully to treat issues affecting fertility .

What is the course of a homeopathic treatment?

During your first consultation with a homeopath , you should expect that he will ask you questions about the general state of your health as well as the lifestyle you maintain. You will be asked other more specific questions so that the homeopath can get the most precise opinion on your general state of health.

The more honest you are in your answers, the more likely the homeopath will be to prescribe the appropriate homeopathic treatment in relation to the cause of your infertility. Homeopathic treatment will most often be in the form of small sucking balls which will aim to rebalance your body and improve your overall health .

Thereafter, during subsequent consultations, your homeopath will refine the treatment and focus it on more specific points that affect your state of health and your ability to get pregnant .

In addition to homeopathic treatment, it would be ideal to follow a healthy balanced diet , exercise while having a healthy lifestyle. This will make the homeopathic treatment even more effective.

For a precise treatment adapted to your needs , it is recommended to seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor who will have an overview of your symptoms.

As an indication, here are some examples of specific homeopathic treatments to promote fertility:

To promote fertility in women with 28-day cycles (as a single dose):

  • Ovarium 7CH, 1 dose on day 5 of the cycle
  • Folliculinum 7CH, 1 dose on day 7
  • Progesteronum 7CH, 1 dose on day 21

For women who wish to regulate long cycles (35 days or more):

  • LHRH 15CH, 5 granules every morning except during menstruation
  • Folliculinum 15CH, 1 dose on Day 15 and another on day 29
  • Progesteronum 5CH, 5 granules of Day17 until the day of the rules

When a pregnancy is slow to arrive, to fight against the psychological impact of baby or assisted reproduction tests:

  • Igniata amara 9CH, 5 granules morning and evening
  • Gelsenium 9CH, 5 granules morning and evening

To improve the quality of his cervical mucus:

  • Lycopodium 9CH, 5 granules morning and evening
  • Gelsenium 9CH, 5 granules morning and evening

Where can I find a homeopathic specialist?
National Union of French Homeopathic Doctors, 79, rue de Tocqueville, 75017 Paris.


Arnaud C. (Doctor of Pharmacy)

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