Skiing in complete safety with homeopathy

Skieurs et snowboardeurs prenant un télésiège montant vers les sommets enneigés, symbolisant les joies du ski et l'importance de la préparation à la haute altitude, un des aspects où l'homéopathie peut offrir un soutien pour gérer le mal des montagnes et autres maux liés à ce sport d'hiver.

Skiing, an exhilarating and popular sport, requires not only skill and passion, but above all a particular attention to safety. On snow-covered slopes and in the excitement of skiing, the importance of safety cannot be underestimated. In this context,homeopathy, an age-old holistic healing practice, proves to be a unique ally. This article takes you on … Read more

Healing winter aches and pains naturally

Winter brings with it its share of aches and pains. Colds, flu, sore throats, coughs, sinusitis, etc. are all health concerns that affect us every year. However, there are natural remedies to relieve them and prevent their onset. As an online pharmacy, we are aware that people are increasingly looking for natural solutions for their … Read more

Prevent chapping in winter

Every day,the skin is exposed to a variety of aggressions caused by the vagaries of the weather. The most recurrent during the winter period are chapped skin. Even though they are only small , superficial cracks, they are very annoying. What’s more, they have the unfortunate tendency to hurt a lot, especially when they come … Read more

How to get through the winter with peace of mind thanks to Phytorub?

The winter season is often synonymous with colds, allergies and other respiratory problems. To prevent these inconveniences and stay in good health, Nutréov Laboratories have developed the Phytorub range, a line of effective decongestant food supplements. Thanks to a selection of natural ingredients such as bud extracts, essential plant oils and vitamins, Phytorub helps you … Read more

Why is it essential to use quality propolis?

Like precious royal jelly, propolis is a treasure from the hive, prized for its many virtues. Carefully prepared by worker bees, it is derived from resinous substances harvested from the buds and bark of trees. This rich, complex substance is renowned for its powerful energetic potential and its natural antibiotic properties, which are effective in … Read more

Which buds should I choose to get through the winter with peace of mind?

After a particularly hot and sunny summer, it’s time to get used to the fact that winter will soon be upon us. A gloomy, grey season that encourages a lack of sunshine. A vitamin D deficiency that makes our bodies more fragile. It’s at times like these that we need to look after our immune … Read more

Make-up trends for the winter season

New season, new trend… Oops! It’s winter! We’re reviewing our outfits, our shoes and our bling accessories so that we always feel as beautiful as ever, whatever the season. But what about our make-up? For some of us, make-up is essential, because it reflects our personality. It’s also a way of influencing our self-image and … Read more

How to prepare for the winter season?

It can be difficult to approach a new season. Especially when the seasonal transition involves winter. All winter conditions contribute to weakening your body. As winter approaches, your body begins to feel the effects of the change of season. Your metabolism tends to slow down. The cold and windy winter weather causes the body to … Read more

Cold extremities and microcirculation, a common condition in winter

Cold extremities and microcirculation, a common condition in winter

During the change of seasons, especially during the cold season, it is common to suffer from cold extremities (nose, hands, feet, ears). This phenomenon due to a minor disturbance of the microcirculation is quite normal. Nature is well made and your body reacts. But why this phenomenon? When it is very cold, the body primarily protects … Read more