How to give more radiance to your complexion?

How to give more radiance to your complexion?

Even after 8 hours of sleep, a dull complexion can betray you by giving the impression of lack of rest. Ravaged by time or pollution, a dull complexion is an increasingly frequent scourge. The skin generally reflects your state of health and a smooth and shiny complexion is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. To recover healthy glowing skin, the right gestures and reflexes are within reach. We provide you with everything you need to finally say goodbye to crumpled faces and restore more radiance to your complexion .

The first step in the face of a dull complexion

A dull complexion is characterized by the agglomeration of dead cells on the epidermis. These cells accumulated on the surface of the skin become darker and cause the loss of radiance of the face. Stress, fatigue, the environment or even a hormonal imbalance promote the appearance of these tasks. Overexposure to UV rays also contributes to the buildup of such dead skin. To take good care of your skin over the long term, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun. With a hat or sun protectors, we remind you that even in winter these precautions are necessary.

Daily cleansing and makeup removal are essential to maintain skin glow . Thanks to an organic cleansing lotion and a wipe, this ritual must be done daily on skin with or without makeup. The assiduity of this gesture allows to de-clutter your skin and fight against premature skin aging.

How to treat and camouflage a dull complexion?

For healthy glowing skin , hydration is an essential base. Drinking a sufficient quantity of water allows you to take care of your body, but also of your skin.

Hydration also passes into skin care. No matter your skin type (oily, combination, sensitive), it tends to dry out quickly, especially in cold weather. To prevent it from starting to feel tight and lose its radiance , proper hydration of your skin is essential. To do this, the skin must be cleansed thoroughly with a care suitable for your skin type. Then, it must be nourished with a product with nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients. These steps are essential, especially if you want to apply makeup afterwards.

Make-up can also temporarily camouflage this type of imperfection. With a little make-up, you can even out your complexion . To illuminate your complexion , a corrector at a tone lighter than your skin tone will allow you to obtain a satisfactory result. It will help you hide any dark circles and wake up the eyes. For a radiant complexion, go for two different shades of foundation, one light and one darker.

Regain radiant skin from the inside out

Just as internal hydration helps restore healthier skin, you can also treat your dull complexion from the inside out. The Radiance Extreme Biocyte Peau radiant complexion helps restore radiance to your complexion. The laboratories Biocyte Skin includes these 40 capsules to treat dull skin and reduce redness and imperfections such tasks. Its formula based on white mulberry, white tomatoes and natural antioxidants is a real boost for the skin tissue. With 2 tablets per day during a 2-month treatment, the skin becomes more radiant and the complexion clearly unified.

The laboratories Biocyte Skin provide a wide range of food supplements to take care of skin tissue. To slow down skin aging or restore its radiance, this very French brand offers natural solutions to your ailments.

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