The month without alcohol

New year rhymes with good resolutions, the time dreamed to redo and reinvent yourself. This change of schedule marks a new beginning for all. Eat healthier, exercise more, or even start weaning , everyone sets their goals to change their life. In this aim of good resolutions, January is put under the sign of the month without alcohol . This challenge called “ Dry January ” or “ Dry January ” consists of avoiding all alcohol consumption . From January 1 to 31, all consumers, regular or occasional, are invited to participate by not drinking any alcoholic beverage .

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal

The alcohol withdrawal has many effects on the body. Depending on your habitual alcohol consumption and the addiction created, some effects may be felt. Anxiety, sweating, shaking, nervousness, nausea… the symptoms vary for each person. Of course, these effects usually affect people with binge drinking for a long time. Especially if the withdrawal in question is brutal.

The benefits of alcohol withdrawal

Although difficult, alcohol withdrawal is well worth the effort. Stopping all alcohol consumption is good for your body, and you will be grateful for it. This abstinence from drinking has good long-term effects.

Improving sleep is one of the benefits of weaning , both in regulating the cycle and in the quality of sleep. An even more noticeable effect of abstinence is visibly more radiant skin. The body, relieved of drink and other toxins, transmits its new health through your skin.

For those whose good resolutions also concern a desire for weight loss, the month without alcohol is all the more profitable. The alcohol is more caloric than it appears increasingly to slow the elimination of fat surplus. Thus, this popular weaning goes perfectly with your good resolutions.

The benefits of the month without alcohol

Just as November was the month without tobacco , January also calls for weaning from alcohol . The dry January is the opportunity to take a break or even quit for good drink. Wine, beer, spirits, or cocktails, the start of the year promises a start that is as efficient as it is sober. Weaning is anything but an easy challenge, which is why many social organizations set up this kind of challenge. Popularizing this initiative makes alcohol withdrawal more effective . Indeed, the dry january makes it possible to forge links between abstinence comrades.. To stop drinking, it is always more pleasant to face it with people in the same situation.

The popularization of dry January allows more exchanges to help participants in this adventure. Advice, recommendations, encouragement, this community movement greatly facilitates alcohol withdrawal .

How to effectively wean yourself from alcohol?

Taking advantage of the alcohol-free month is a good start to effectively weaning yourself off. This community initiative invites as many people as possible to participate for better results. Many sites and organizations concerned provide participants with all the necessary tools to achieve this. This public health campaign challenges you to start the year on the right foot. Articles on the benefits of quitting , forums, apps to track your progress, and more to make your abstinence a success.

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