How to treat ophthalmic migraine naturally?

Ophthalmic migraines often occur after exposure to bright and aggressive light, to an environment that is too noisy or due to heat and/or stress. It is a common pathology that affects children, men and women as well. It can be very debilitating at the time of the crisis, but the migraine is not serious. It is akin to a migraine classic UE except that it starts with visual events such as glare.

Migraine Ophthalmic: definition, symptoms and causes

Migraine ophthalmic is a common expression to talk about migraine with aura visual. It is therefore part of the family of migraines, a neurovascular disease. Migraine without aura is the most common (80-90% of cases). It is a very special headache that is manifested in seizures and is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The migraine with Aura is thus referred to by the neurological phenomena (visual, sensory, motors or speech disturbances) that precede the headache, characteristic of migraine. The aura phase can sometimes coexist with the headache phase: We talk about migraine accompanied. In migraine headaches appear when small vessels of the head expand (they become larger). In case of aura, this dilation phase is preceded by a phase of vasoconstriction (the vessels contract, the diameter shrinks). The aura phase lasts between fifteen minutes and an hour before the onset of the headache. Without proper treatment, the migraine crisis, with or without aura, can last from a few hours to three days. This pathology is common and benign, but regularly handicapping in everyday life.

Symptoms of Ophthalmic migraine

The Aura phase first translates into visual disturbances. Different disorders exist, they can be or not associated:-Shining points (scotomata); -Black “flies”; -Black Beach, which cuts the visual field in half and hinders the view to the point that it may be impossible to drive, for example; -Geometric drawings. One may then have sensitivity disorders:-tingling; numbness. Language problems may also appear (difficulty or inability to speak). During the aura phase, the patient does not have a headache. It is after this phase that migraine headache can be set up. In most cases, the headache appears and then intensifies, the pain can reach its climax after a time varying depending on the subjects, between a few moments and several hours. Migraine Headache is recognized by its pulsatile character, unilateral localization, and some phenomena, such as the impression that a nail is stuck in your head. The pain also locates on the temples, at the bottom of the eye or behind.

Causes of Ophthalmic Migraine

Many factors may cause an ophthalmic migraine. However, this pathology originates primarily from an vasoconstriction of the arteries of the brain. Taking into account the family history has shown that the ophthalmic migraine would also be partly hereditary. This disease would affect several members of the same family. However, no serious scientific study has confirmed this observation with any certainty. She is also very feminine. Estrogens, hormones that play a direct role in the functioning of the brain, have long been implicated. This link is explained by the fact that our neurons have receptors that capture estrogens. Women are much more diagnosed than men and thus reveal themselves to be more prone to this pathology. Ophthalmic migraines are very often confused with cataméniales migraines. The latter are only related to menstrual cycles. When estrogen levels drop naturally or when the pill is stopped (a few days before or at the beginning of menstruation), there are brain changes that cause some women to have migraines. We also know that migraine is a genetic disease. Ongoing research has revealed an anomaly on a chromosome 8 locus. The causes of migraine headaches should not be confused with the factors triggering the crisis.

Factors conducive to an ophthalmic migraine crisis

-Stress of various origins, including anxiety anticipatory of the crisis; -Consumption of alcohol or wine; Fasting; -Absence or excess of sleep; -some noises; -strong odours; -Illuminated lights (strobes…); -Rules for women (a few days before, during or after). The sudden fall of estrogens at the time of menstruation triggers the migraine crisis; -Drug Contraception; -Climate Variations; -Rhythm Changes -certain foods such as chocolate and dairy products; Smoking. A special place must be reserved for stress. If it is inaccurate to say that stress is the cause of migraine in an individual, it is fair to say that a stressful situation can lead to the multiplication of seizures in a migraine subject and, above all, that migraine causes stress. Life hygiene plays a key role in the onset of ophthalmic migraines.

Treatments to relieve ophthalmic migraine

To treat ophthalmic migraines, it is also possible to use natural methods or techniques of soft medicine. Thus, people with this type of headache are advised to drink coffee or to wet their head and face with cold water. A consultation with a chiropractor, an acupuncturist or an osteopath can also be effective. It is strongly discouraged to take medications before the aura phase – the one in which the vessels contract – is completed because the drugs, which are constrictors, will contract the vessels a little more. Result: There is no effect on the headache that has not yet appeared. The treatment of migraine with aura varies according to the crises, their duration, their frequency and their impact on the daily life. To relieve seizures, treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, ketoprofen, aspirin) and/or with Triptans (vasoconstrictors) is effective. Aspirin is also used in combination with antiemetics (vomiting and nausea). During a crisis, sleeping in a quiet room and in the dark makes it possible to endure pain or to optimize the effect of a suitable medicine.


In addition to a suitable treatment and according to the symptoms, take the choice:-When the migraine starts above the orbit of the right eye: 2 granules of Sanguinaria 5 CH at the time of the migraine; -If the pain is mainly located on the right: Lycopodium 9 CH, 2 granules 3 times a day or 1 dose per week; -When the migraine starts above the left orbit: 2 granules of Spigelia 5 CH at the time of the crisis; -If the pain circulates from left to right in the head: 2 granules of Caninum Lake 9 CH at the time of migraine.


Migraine Ophthalmic is a pathology whose symptoms can be diminished by taking essential oils. The use of some of them would help the crisis to disappear. Find in our online bio pharmacy, for example:

  • The essential oil of true lavender: this oil has active ingredients such as linalol which would give it vasodilator and sedative properties. It would also have the advantage of promoting sleep and better management of stress. Anxiety and anxieties that can be trigger factors will be reduced. The true lavender would thus inhibit the sensation of pain and stabilize the emotional state of the person. To discover: Pranarom Essential Oil true Lavender 10 ml
  • The essential oil of peppermint: This essential oil is the reference in terms of headache. It has a high level of menthol, which would inhibit the transmission of pain as it would act in the receptors of this pain. It would also be a potent anti-inflammatory to calm the inflammation of the neurons. Its action would be fast and would settle over the duration. To see: Puressentiel Essential Oil Peppermint bio 10 ml
  • The essential oil of Roman chamomile: the virtues of the essential oil of Roman chamomile were discovered by Galen, a famous Greek doctor. He was already using it at the time against headaches, rebel migraines and neuralgia. Roman chamomile would have soothing properties of central nervous system activity. It would act as an analgesic and an antispasmodic. A test: Doctor Valnet Essential Oil BIO chamomile Roman 5 ml or Arko essential essential oil of Roman chamomile 5 ml
  • The essential oil of basil: The essential oil of basil is rich in methyl chavicol, an ingredient whose active ingredients act as a potent antispasmodic. Basil would prevent the contraction of the muscles surrounding the blood vessels. The linalol, also present in this oil, would confer on it a relaxing and calming power. It would help to combat the anxieties and stress that could cause an ophthalmic migraine crisis. To see: Phytosun Essential oil basil 10 ml

Essential oils are substances to be handled with caution. They can create allergic reactions so it is often recommended to test them before use. To do this, just put a drop of oil on the bend of the elbow and wait 48 hours. If there is no skin reaction, you can get closer to your pharmacist for the dosage to be adopted for an ophthalmic migraine. Of course, essential oils are contraindicated in pregnant or lactating women as well as in children under 6 years of age.

Herbal medicine

Plants have always been part of the soft medicines that can become potential treatments against all kinds of diseases. Some plants are, in fact, preferred when suffering from an ophthalmic migraine. Mint infusions can prevent seizures but also soothe them when they are already present. They would help to act on one of the possible causes of migraine ophthalmic: digestion. Eating in excess can be the trigger of a crisis so drinking a mint infusion like Médiflor infusion Mint 24 sachets, for example, would ensure better digestion and lessen the risk of being reached by an ophthalmic migraine. Another plant can become your ally to fight the symptoms of the ophthalmic migraine: the great chamomile. This plant used in Greco-Latin antiquity and then by European herbalists has mainly aroused interest in the 1990s to prevent migraine crises. The reputation of the plant would no longer be to be demonstrated. It would act by decreasing the intensity of the frequency of demonstrations. You can get it in the form of capsules. Find, for example, Naturactive Elusanes large chamomile 30 capsules. The Chrysanthemum Parthenium would have non-negligible anti-inflammatory properties and would help to calm the impulses caused by the headaches. Like Mint, it can be taken in the form of herbal teas. Almost all of us have experienced intense pain and pressure at the forehead and temples. The ophthalmic migraine is distinguished by the vision disorders it provides before headaches. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.




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