Natural light legs for this summer

Nearly one in four French people suffers from circulatory problems . Numbness, tingling, feeling of heavy legs accentuated at the end of the day… the symptoms vary from one person to another. When it’s hot, tingling, varicose veins, nocturnal cramps… invade daily life. It is imperative to pay attention to these signs to prevent the problem from getting worse. Far from being inevitable, there are several simple and effective remedies to regulate your circulation .

As summer approaches, Soin et Nature is your partner for regaining light legs and enjoying the season.

heavy legs

The legs are indeed in constant struggle against gravity. Because of this, the veins work hard to raise the blood flow from the feet to the heart. This is thanks to three pumps dedicated to your circulation : the first is linked to walking which works 80% of the veins. The second concerns the contractions of the calf and the thigh, pushing the blood upwards. The third relates to the valves which lock the circulation of the blood , thus preventing the backward flow. When the pressure in the veins increases, the walls stretch. This stretching causes the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins. It also leads to swelling and heaviness in the legs.

This circulation problem affects many predisposed people. If one of the parents is affected by this kind of problem, you have a 40% risk of contracting this circulatory problem. The risk is 60% if both parents have these varicose veins. According to statistics, every second woman has spider veins. This increases with hormonal variations during pregnancy, menstrual cycles, HRT or taking the pill. Taken in high doses, estrogen stretches the walls of veins and accelerates blood clotting. To prevent this, avoid wearing boots and pants that are too tight. Long exposure to sunlight or strong heat should also be avoided.

How to get light legs

Venous circulation problems leading to heavy leg problems impact daily life. These malfunctions prevent you from taking full advantage of sunny days. To find light legs, Soin et Nature provides you with natural solutions.

Superdiet Organic Circulation Red Vine Quartet Capsules x 120 is a food supplement in the form of capsules specially indicated in case of heavy legs or varicose veins. It is formulated with plant extracts: Red Vine, Horse Chestnut, Ginkgo, Witch Hazel… active ingredients that promote circulation to bring lightness to your legs. Dosage: 4 capsules per day with a large glass of water for legs as light as air.

NATURACTIVE Circulation 20 sticks of 10ml is a food supplement formulated from a combination of plants. It contains extracts of Red Vine, Bilberry and Blackcurrant berries which help maintain good venous circulation for light legs . Dilute the contents of one stick in a glass of water every morning. To be taken daily for 20 days for a month. To renew especially in period of strong heat.

Puressentiel Ultra Fresh Circulation Gel 17 Essential Oils 125ml is composed of active ingredients of natural origin. The combination of essential oil and natural menthol provides an immediate, intense and lasting effect, in order to lighten and relieve the sensations of heavy and tired legs after a long day.

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